Sun And Mars Conjunction In First House

Effect of Sun and Mars Conjunction in 1st house

1)Before knowing the effect of Sun and Mars Conjunction in 1st house we have to know about Sun in 1st house, Mars in 1st house and Sun and Mars conjunction.

2) Native may be tall in look and having thin & lean physique. He may be reddish in color. Native may has awesome charm and natural magnetic attraction.

3)Native may be suffering from overheating, fever and skin rashes issues. He may be suffering from eye sight and dental problem. He may has danger from fire.

4)Native may be very ambitious. He may be full with ego or self proud or excess self confidence. Native will be assume own self as boss. He likes to rules others. He will be full with rigidness which may cause for own self goal. He may be a natural leader.

5)He will be brave and fully energetic person. He has very good physical strength. He may be a natural fighter. He may be adventurous and try to work beyond his physical capacity. He believes to punish others on their faults. He assume that no one can beat him. He doesn’t like to defeat.

6)Native may be firey in temper. He will show his anger. He may be impatient by nature. He may be selfish by nature. Native may be cruel and wicked from internal heart.

7) His father has short tamper. His father may gets support from blood relatives. His father has support from armed person.His brother may be famous. His brother may has good relationship with authorities. Native will getting name and fame with help of brother.

8) Native may has tendency to do gambling or taking risk. He may bold and independent by nature. No one can control him.

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