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Astrological causes of infertility

Astrological Causes Of Infertility as per Vedic astrology

Our Vedic astrology described in detail about the astrological cause of infertility. Famous Pitru dosha will be one of the Karak of infertility in the horoscope. When any of two neuter planets are placed in the 5th house, 3rd house or 7th house then the chart may have issues of non-fertility problems.

astrological dosha for children

Astrological Dosha For Children

Saturn, Mercury & Ketu are neuter planets. The neuter planet is not considered good for childbirth. When two or more neuter planets are placed in the 5th house or 3rd house or 7th house then bad for childbirth.


Children Astrology in Vedic Astrology

Children astrology is a very ancient technique of our Vedic astrology. Our ancient sage has very deep knowledge regarding every matter related to kids. our Current child astrology series, we learnt all things one by one. So, let’s start our free Astrology lesson for kids.

Kundli milan for happy marriage life

Kundli Milan For Happy Marriage life By Ashtakavarga

Ashtakvarga Matchmaking will be the best way for Kundli Milan for happy marriage life. We will make surety of happy marriage life by ashtakavarga matching during Kundali Milan. Even we can reduce the negative effect for marriage life from partner’s horoscope.