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We have expert team of astrologer from different branch of astrology who can help you in learning astrology.

Expert Astrological Advice At Ganesh Mitra

Ganesh Mitra is all in one place for your all sort of astrological need

Astrological Consultancy Services 

We have experience in astrology for the last 15 years. Ganesh Mitra provide astrology consultancy from expert astrologer. 

Siddh Gems Stone for Astrological Use

Gems stone has the power to improve your luck.You can buy a gemstone or other astrological products from Ganesh Mitra at genuine rate. 

Special Puja & Havan For Remedies

We can arrange proper Shanti for all sorts of astrological dosha with reputed Purohit. All sorts of astrological Puja or Havan for you. 

Learn Vedic Astrology From Us

Our aim is to promote the Vedic astrology. So, we will offer various astrology courses for you. Astrology in easy and simple managers.

Marriage Consultancy

If You have any question related to your Marriage than we are here to help you


Are you suffering from a problem in your career or professional life, don't worries call us


You are frustrated with your health issues and not able to find solutions, call us, we will help you

Gems Stone

Know your lucky gemstone and bring your fortune and growth in your life. Call us


If You want know best Remedy as per as your chart than we are here to help you


Are you have any sort of issues regarding your kids then we are here to help you

Book Your Astrology consultancy With Our Expert Astrologer

Profession Astrological Consultancy helps you to decide the correct profession for you as per astrology. We will help you find either job or a business, which suits you. After this consultancy, you will be able to find the best sector for your profession.

When will I get married! At which time my marriage yoga will activate! Will I have a love or arranged marriage! Why my marriage had delayed! Timing of marriage as per astrology! Know answer of all such marriage questions. Marriage consultancy will help you.

May I have promise in childbirth. Will I have astrological dosha regarding childbirth. Why I have a delay in childbirth. If couples don’t have kids after a few years of marriage, then they will be worried about childbirth. Know from an expert astrologer.

Ask a question from an expert astrologer. You can book an online astrological consultancy. The quarries may belong to love or professional or marriage related astrological consultancy. You can ask about Gems stone recommendations. 

Learn Vedic Astrology Course From Expert Astrologer

Become an expert in astrology and predict smoothly without any hesitation. We offer various sorts of astrological courses. Our main focus is on the featured astrological course with practical application of astrological sutra on a real horoscope. Our way Of teaching is simple & easy to remember. So you can become an expert in astrology. We offer beginner to the expert level astrological courses. 

startup-astrology course

Basic Course In Astrology

Startup course is designed for beginners who are interested in learning astrology. In this section we are starting from base level and cover all basic elements of astrology. After this course you have basic idea about any horoscope.

Advance Course In astrology

Advance Astrology Course

Our advanced level course will cover major events predictions. We called it the "Timing of events" course. Predications of all major events will be easy for you. Such as Marriage timing, childbirth timing, job-related events and many more. We will use the various astrological methods in our prediction.


Our Featured PDF notes

The PDF astrological bundle has all pdf notes which is available on my sites. This Pdf Bundle has all-around 98 files. Pdf astrological notes will cover all sorts of astrology related topics in detail. This pdf bundle will be useful for every astrologer or astrological lerner. He can use this to know the various aspects of astrology, even to prepare his astrological reports.

Our Recent Article on Astrology

Cancer Sign For 2022 – Astrology Prediction For 2022

Cancer Sign For 2022 – Astrology Prediction For 2022

2022 will have mixed effects on Cancer people. This year Cancer people may have good financial growth and success. But they may be facing mental stress due to unnecessary matters.

Astrological Yoga For Love Breakup

Astrological Yoga For Love Breakup

Ketu is considered Prime Karak of love breakup as per astrology. We have also considered the placement of Mars and Venus in the horoscope. Rahu in 4th house can give

Will I have Second Marriage In MY Horoscope

Will I have Second Marriage In MY Horoscope

Astrological yoga for Second marriage. Is second marriage success in my life. What is the timing of Second Marriage as per astrology? What astrological combination harm my marriage life?

Gemini Sign For 2022 – Astrology Prediction For 2022

Gemini Sign For 2022 – Astrology Prediction For 2022

Gemini sign for 2022 will be full of opportunities. 2022 will be a good year for them regarding money, finance, comfort and convinces. But native’s mental stress will be full-on

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We have Very good experience astrologer who are ready to help you. We believe in giving quality services to our customer. We have our own process of verification to assure hire good astrologer for you.

Astro Pankaj Seth - Founder of Ganesh Mitra

We are offering you to learn astrology from us. If you are interested to learn practical astrology than join our course. 

We have Very good experience astrologer who are ready to help you. We believe in giving quality services to our customer. We have our own process of verification to assure hire good astrologer for you.

We can provide you best astrological gems stone which can change your life. We are dealing in genuine stone which gives good effect and bring luck for you.