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Ganesh Mitra is the All in One Place for all sorts of astrology needs. Book Your Astrology Reading or take the advice of a favourable Gemstone. Know your best astrological Remedy or Learn astrology from an expert astrologer.   

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Why Choose Us

Experience Astrologer

We have experience in astrology for more than 15 Years. Astro Pankaj Seth severed more than 5000 clients from word wide. He has a good command of various astrological fields.

Listen Problem First

We are ready to listen to your problem first. Listing your problem will be the best solution for You. Listen to You and then Analyse Your Chart is the Key of Our Success.

Simple & Easy Remedy

We believe to provide a Simple & Easy Astrological Remedy. As per our experience, sometimes little changes in our habits can bring a huge change in life.

Bring Positive Attitude

We believe in a Positive Attitude. So, Ganesh Mitra try to bring a Positive Attitude into Your Life. Because only Positivity can fight with Negativity. We work for Positivity.

Services We Provided

  • Horoscope Reading 

  • Astrology Remedies

  • Vedic Astrology Course 

  • Matchmaking For Marriage

  • Gemstone Recommendations  

  • Pdf E Book For Astrology 

  • Siddh Gemstone & Rudraksha

  • Arrangement of Astrological Puja 

  • Bhrigu Nandi Nadi  Course 

  • Name Corrections as per Numerology 

  • Vivah / New House Entry & Other Muhurat 

  • Any many more other Astrology Services 

Promotion Astrology Consultancy

Profession Consultancy

Profession Astrological Consultancy helps you to decide the correct profession for you as per astrology. We will help you find either job or a business, which suits you.

Marriage relationship astrology consultancy

Marriage Report

When will I get married! At which time my marriage yoga will activate! Will I have a love or arranged marriage! Why my marriage had delayed! Timing of marriage as per astrology!

Advance Course In astrology

Timing of Events

Predictions of all major events will be easy for you. Such as Marriage timing, childbirth timing, job-related events and many more. We will use the various astrological methods in our prediction.


Government Job Calculator

When will I get a government job! Will my chart have yoga for gov jobs! In which sector I will get job! we will check your horoscope regarding astrological yoga for the government job.

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