Sun And Moon Conjunction

Sun and Moon Conjunction

1) When ever a chart Sun and Moon in same sign then native may be born either in krishna paksha chaturdashi or Amavsya or Shukla paksha Pratipada. Basically it is known as Amavsya and many traditional astrologer consider it as a dosh. As per vedic beliefs, one have to do shanti for Amavsya birth.

2) Native may be emotional and short tamper. He may be arrogant and egoistic. He may be cruel or harsh or one who tell all things in front of any one. So we can say that he is not wicked but definitely crocked.

3) Native may be suffering from financial crisis but he will be wealthy. May be possible when he needs money , he doesn’t have money.

4) Native may has hidden personality or we can say that his public image is not so much clear. He may be facing humiliations.

5) His father may be emotional. His father may change his place after birth of native or his father may be frequently travelling. His mother has very high ego.

6) As per as classical books, native may be working in machinery line or engineering line. Native may be interested in politics. Native may be expert in business of drinks.

7)Native may be sensual by nature. He may be under control of his wife.

8) Native may be very skillful. He may be getting success in his undertaking after initial struggles. Native will get support from government.

9) Native may be suffering from Pitta related issues. Native may has digestive problems. Native may be frequently suffering from fever. Native may be suffering from mental stress.

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