Sun and Jupiter Conjunction

Effect of Sun and Jupiter Conjunction

1)Native may be full with self respect and proudness. He assume him self as a boss and think that others may give respect like king.

2) Native may be wealthy. He may be adviser of king, government, authority or his boss. He will gets support from authority. He may be dear to authority.

3) Native may be reputed person. He may be very knowledgeable person. He may be awarded by Acharya or other reputed awards related to wisdom.

4)Native will be in government jobs or serving others or kind and helpful in nature. He may be a faithful person.

5) Native may be good hearted or sattvic in nature. Native may be religious.

6) Native will getting support by his friends and relatives. Native may be active person or dutiful regarding his responsibility.

7) Native has a son and he will be a famous person.

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