Second House Sutra From Hora Parakash

2nd House Sutra From Hora Parakash 

1)If Benifical planet is aspecting 2nd house native will be sweet speaker and he has a lots of Wealth.

2)If natural malefic planet is aspecting 2nd house native will be harsh in speaking and suffering from financial difficulties.

3)Sun, Rahu , Mars, Saturn or dark Moon is either placed in 2nd house or aspected 2nd house native may be suffering regarding Wealth.

4) Jupiter in 2nd house aspects by benificial planet then native will be wealthy. 

5) Mercury in 2nd house aspected by Moon may cause harm of wealth.

6)Weak Moon in 2nd house aspected by Mercury may cause lose of wealth. It may cause destruction of anicient wealth and destroy of new source of money.

7) Mercury and Venus in 2nd house and aspected by Jupiter may gives awesome wealth.

8)Sun in 2nd house may gives scars on face due to stone related diseases. 

9)Sun in 2nd house, Native will be fixed in his speech and sweet in speech. He is not so much wealthy. He may like pungent foods. 

10)Sun with Mercury in 2nd house may be indicating native may be inclined towards service and having not stable wealth. 

11)Sun with female planet in 2nd house, native’s wealth will be controlled by women. 

12) Malefic planet in 2nd house may cause scar on face, eyes or ears.

13)Rahu and Sun in 2nd house may cause diarrhoea.

14)Rahu or ketu in 2nd house may cause dental disorder.

15)Moon in 2nd house may cause cold or delirium.

16)Venus in 2nd house with malefic may cause weak eye sight.

17)Mars or Venus in 2nd or 12th may cause ear problems.

18)Moon in 2nd or​ 12th house may cause eye sight problems.

19) Jupiter or Mercury in 2nd house, native has charming face and eloquent in speaking.

20)Ketu in 2nd house, native has face like big eggs.

21) If 2nd house is occupied inimical planet regarding sign of 2nd house native may be suffering from facial problems.

22)Moon with inimical planet in above condition then native has fear from water.

23) Saturn or Rahu in 2nd house with female planet may cause loss through women, hunting, out cast race, courtesan, and musicians.

24)Mars in 2nd house or Mars is 2nd house lord then native will be suffering from financial losses through weapons, foes, thieves and fire. It may also cause death due to poison, or weapons or blood injuries.

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