Sun And Mercury Conjunction

Sun And Mercury Conjunction

1) Sun and Mercury conjunction is known as Buddhaditya yog. It is consider popular yoga among astrologer.

2) Native may be intelligent. Native may be helpful in nature. He may be skilled. He may be intelligent in acts. He may be clever. He may be full with self respect.

3) Native may be handsome. His personality has natural attraction. Native may be pleasant in speaking. He will be well mannered.

4) Native may has good money and good liquidity of money flow. But he may facing unstable financial condition.

5) Native may be famous. Native has good understanding about value of his reputations. Native may be getting support from friends.

6) As per as classical, native may be king and dear to king. He will be dear to good people. Native has good materialistic happiness.

7) Native may be brave. Native may be fickle mentality but some time become very rigid.

8) His father may be knowledgeable person. His father may gets support in land dealing.

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