Sun And Moon Conjunction In Twelfth House

Effect of Sun and Moon Conjunction In 12th house

1)Before knowing the effect of Sun and Moon conjunction in 12th house we have to know about Sun in 12th house, Moon in 12th house and Sun and Moon conjunction.

2)Native may be kind and emotional. He may be crocked and arrogant. He doesn’t have broad mind. He has poisonous thoughts. He may be short in temper. He may be egoistic in nature.

3) Native may has charming physique. Native has good self respect. He may be descent in speech. He may be interested in luxurious life styles.

4) Native may has thoughts differences or misunderstanding with his father. Father may has frequently travelling. His father’s health may be weak.

5) Native may be wealthy but suffering from financial crisis. Native may has issues in his profession or suffering from loss in business. Native may has issues with government. He may facing punishment due to government authorities.

6)Native may be spiritual person. He may be religious. He may be involved in some secret acts related to spirituality. He may be frequently visiting religious shrine.

7)Native may likes to live lonely. He may facing mental stress. Native may facing humiliations.People may has animosity against him. Native may be cheated by his own helpers or servants or near or dear one.

8) Native may be sensual. He may be fallen in moral sense. Native may be suffering from eye sight problems. He may be suffering from sleeping disorder. He may be suffering from migraine. He may be suffering from digestive problems. He may be suffering from cold and flu.

9) Native may has many travelling in his life. He may be getting success away from his birth land.

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