Sun And Mars Conjunction In Second House

Sun and Mars Conjunction in 2nd house

1)Before knowing the effect of Sun and Mars conjunction in 2nd house, we have to know about Sun in 2nd house, Mars in 2nd house and Sun and Mars conjunction.

2) Native may has reddish face and fair look. His face has natural magnetic attraction. He may be very ambitious in nature. Native may be full with ego.

3) Native may be aggressive in nature regarding speaking. His voice may be harsh, hard and authoritative type. His voice may be loud and order type. His voice is not pleasing in hearing. His voice shows their proudness, ego and selfishness.

4) Sun and Mars conjunction in 2nd house may cause issues in family life. Their may be ego between family members. Native’s family may be powerful. They may has some sort of dispute related to family property. Quarrels and fighting among member is possible. Native doesn’t have happy marriage life.

5)Native’s father may be powerful person. Native will get parental property.

6) Native’s voice has leadership quality. Native may be argumentative and quarrelsome in nature. He may be false speaker. He may be cruel and wicked.

7) If Sun and Mars conjunction is not well placed in 2nd house then native may has stammering in voice. Native may has eye sight problem. Native may be suffering from pimples. Native may be suffering from skin burns or skin rashes. Native may be suffering from cuts and wounds.

8) If Sun and Mars conjunction in 2nd house well placed then native may gain from government, land, etc. If not well placed then suffering from loss via government displeasure, authorities, fine, tax, fire, fighting, etc.

9) Native may believe in punish others on their little faults. Native may has gambling tendency.

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