Mercury And Rahu Conjunction

Effect Of Mercury and Rahu Conjunction

1)Mercury and Rahu conjunction is indicating native may be smart, clever, fraudulent and expert in fishing others. Native may be greedy by nature.

2) Native doesn’t have a concentrated mind so native may not be good in early education. He doesn’t focus on his study. He may be inclined towards cinema, entertainment, and other such type of things.

3) Native may be suffering from illusions, or confusions. Native may be suffering from any neurological disorder. He may be suffering from mental stress.

4) Mercury and Rahu conjunction is indicating native may has some secret power. He will be surrounded by some secret energy. He has to worship Maa Durga for control such type of power.

5) Native may be very skilled in communication and speaking. He may be doing very well in sell or marketing. He may be expert in fishing others by own capacity.

6) Native’s grand father may be business man or land lord. He may be quite intelligent.

7) Native may be flirty in nature. He has lack of morality. Native may be interested in love affairs to full fill own sexual desires.

8)Native may be gambler from mind. He may be interested in speculations.

9) Native may has blessing of Devi Mohini, so he will capable to attract others. He may be good in acting, drama, etc.

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