Mercury And Ketu Conjunction

Effect Of Mercury and Ketu Conjunction

1)Mercury and ketu is assumed to enemy for each others. Mercury is karak planet for study and ketu is karak of obstacles so it may cause for break in study. Native may change his stream of study in his life.

2) Mercury is karak of skin so Mercury-Ketu conjunction may cause for skin rashes, pimple or skin allergy. As per as one of my friends it may cause for worms in digestive system which may cause for skin allergy.

3) Mercury is karak of speech so Mercury-ketu conjunction makes native argumentative in speaking. He can speak in harsh way. He can tell the bitter truth of any body in front of him.

4) Mercury and ketu conjunction may cause for psychological problems to the native. So he may has some sort of issues in any of his sense. His mind may be always in very panic mode.

5) Mercury and ketu conjunction may gives awesome calculative ability to the native. Native may be very good in astrology, legal matters, maths etc. Native has good knowledge of (or study may belongs to) horticulture, garden, oils, wire etc.

6) Mercury and ketu conjunction may cause breakup in love affairs or friendship. Native may has issues with his relatives. Native doesn’t be continue friendship for long terms.

7) Mercury is docents so Mercury and ketu conjunction may cause for issues in his documents. He may has some sort of issues in his land. This combination may cause for loss of his land.

8) Native doesn’t able to use his intelligence in proper way due to Mercury and ketu conjunction. Worship of Lord Ganesha can help the native to come over this issues.

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