Mercury And Saturn Conjunction

Effect Of Mercury and Saturn Conjunction

1) Mercury and Saturn are friends to each other so we can’t say this combination is so much bad but regarding some significant of mercury.

2) Mercury is our mentality or thinking mind so it is under influence of Saturn so native may has negative thinking. If not well placed then native may be under influence of depression.

3) Mercury is our education so mercury conjunct with Saturn may cause for issues in education. Native may be lazy in study. But he may be very skilled in earnings. He has good knowledge regarding way of earnings. He may be prefer arts subjects. His primary education may be down in backward school.

4)Saturn is karam karak planet and Mercury is associated with Saturn so native may be business man. His profession may be associated with tricky works or mind game or intelligence. Native may be lawyer. He will know how to play with rules.

5)Saturn and Mercury conjunction is indicating, native may has good amount of commercial land. His profession may be associated with commercial land.

6) Native may be issues regarding speaking. He may be suffering from delay in response.

7) Saturn and mercury both are neuter in nature, so in some house or bhav, it may cause for issues regarding child birth( specially in 3rd and 5th house).

8) Saturn and mercury conjunction may cause for neurological issues. This combination may issues regarding breathing.

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