Mars And Venus Conjunction

Effect Of Mars and Venus Conjunction

1) Mars and Venus combination makes native very calculative in mathematics. In modern day native may be expert in computer or others calculative things. He may be aggressive in money making or his most of action is money minded.

2) Native’s early marriage is possible or he will enjoy happiness of woman at early age. He may be falls in love. Both husband and wife has good comfort but lack of satisfaction due to higher sexual desires.

3) Native may be natural gambler. He may has good interest in dancing or hip hop or rock music.

4) Native will spend his money on women, wines and other adventurous things. Native may be crooked, fraudulent and expert in tricks. He has very good knowledge to win the war.

5)Native may be respected person in society. He has very good power due to his money.

6) In a female chart, native husband may be rich after marriage.Her husband may be very attractive. But husband may be very sensual and money minded.

7) In male chart, his wife may be comes from any of his relative’s family. His wife may has very bold attitude and doesn’t be under control of any one. Husband and wife has frequently quarrels. She will be very proudy in nature. Native’s siblings may has good financial conditions.

8) As per as classical book, native may be doing business of milk related things or cattle related.

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