Mars And Saturn Conjunction

Effect Of Mars And Saturn Conjunction

1) Native may be rigid in nature. He may be quarrelsome. He may be criticizer.

2) Native may be in technical profession which deals with machines. Native may be expert in metallurgy.

3) Native may be facing issues in his professional life. He may be facing harassment at work places. He may be facing beak or change in his professional life.

4)After 1st round of Saturn return, he will be getting major success in his professions. He may change his profession or start earnings for own self.

5)Native may be fraud or expert in fooling others. He will capable to attract others and use him regarding own success.

6) Native may be facing accidents or cuts by weapons or fire or poisons. He may be facing issues in his blood counts.

7) Native may be lawyer. He may be false speaker. He may be facing court case or blaming.

8) Native’s brother may has good earnings. Brother may has dispute.

9)In a female chart, his husband may be average in looks. Husband may be hard worker and work oriented attitude. She has lack of marriage happiness.

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