Mars And Jupiter Conjunction

Mars And Jupiter Conjunction

1)Native may be powerful person. Native may be expert in use of weapons. His voice has natural power. He knows how to use his words.

2)Native may be clever in action. He may be endowed with good qualities. But he will be egoistic. He may be rigid in nature.

3) Native may be mathematician. He has good knowledge of science and engineering. He has natural talents regarding scientific and philosopher thoughts.

4) Native may be suffering from high blood pressure. He may be suffering from cholesterol related issues.

5) Native’s siblings may be reputed person. He may be in government jobs.

6) In a female chart, native’s husband may be sincerer and handsome in look. Husband has good reputation. Native and his husband has good relationship.

7)Husband may be straight forward and independent in nature. Husband has good moral conduct.

8) Native may be wealthy. He may be sensual in nature but having good conduct.

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