Mars And Saturn Conjunction In First House

Mars and Saturn Conjunction in 1st house

1)Before knowing the effect of Mars and Saturn conjunction in 1st house we have to know about Mars in 1st house, Saturn in 1st house and Mars and Saturn conjunction.

2) Native may be reddish and unfair in color and having average in height. Native may be lean and thin in physique and having stout in looking. He may be independent by nature and react very brutally if his independence in danger.

3) Native may be rigid in nature and criticizer in behavior. He may be false speaker or lawyer in profession. He may be fraudulent and try to fool others. His may be short in temper and having negative thoughts. He may be deep thinker.

4) Native may be brave and courageous and full with self confidence. He may be energetic and capable to any work beyond his capacity. But he has lazy attitude and he need to push up to start any work. But when he start any work then become action oriented. He may be impatient by nature and lack of passions.

5) Native may be cruel minded and shameless and lack of morality. He may be natural fighter and quarrelsome by nature. He believes in punishment on others faults. He may be suffering from legal issues and blaming.

6) Native may be in profession related to machinery or engineer. He may has issues at work place. He may facing harassment at work place. He has a lots of hardness in his life. He may be facing many sorts of obstacles in his life. He may getting success in his life after 35 of age.

7)Native may has weak health. Native may be suffering from pitta related to issues. He may facing abdominal issues such as liver problem, gastric issues. He may be suffering from fever or skin rashes issues. He may be suffering from nervous issues or nervous disorder. He may be suffering from paralysis or arthritis. He may be suffering accidents or danger from fire/weapons or suffer from cutting or injury.

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