Venus And Mercury Conjunction In Ninth House

Effect of Venus and Mercury Conjunction In 9th house

1) Before knowing the effect of Venus and Mercury conjunction in 9th house we have to know about Venus in 9th house, Mercury in 9th house and Venus and Mercury conjunction.

2) Native may be handsome by looking. Native may has natural charm. He may be naturally attract opposite gender.

3) Native may has good relationship with his father. Native’s father may be kind and pleasant from nature. Native’s father may has good financial condition.

4) Native may be fortunate. Native may be rich. Native has all sorts of prosperity and happiness. Native may has happiness of vehicles and friendship. Native may be getting profits from government or authority.

5) Native may be religious and very good faith on religious traditions. Native may be very good religious speaker. He may be very good in singing religious songs. He may be respectful regarding his guru and elders. Native may be charitable regarding religious activities. Native may has knowledge of ved – vedanga or other religious shastra. He may be very good in mantra pronouncing.

6) Native’s wife may be good looking. Native may has happy marriage life. Native may has good children.

7) Native may has good knowledge. Native may be intelligent. Native may be getting higher education. Native may getting education in financial sectors. He may be very good in tricks and calculation. He may be good mathematician, scientists or lecturer.

8) Native may has very good communication style. Native may has pleasant way of communication. He may He may be fortunate regarding comunication. He may be very good speaker. He may be skillful in comunication.

9) Native may be very good bussinness man. He may be expert in financial dealings. He has natural talents in his hands. He has very good judgemental ability.

10) Native may be money minded. He may be sensual from nature. He may be also interested in fashion industry. He may be accumulated good commercial property.

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