Venus And Mercury Conjunction In Eighth House

Venus And Mercury Conjunction In Eighth House

1) Before knowing the effect of Venus and Mercury conjunction in 8th house we have to know about effect of Venus in 8th house, Mercury in 8th house and Venus and Mercury conjunction.

2) Native may has long life but having weak physique. Native may be looking attractive and charming. His personality may has natural attraction for opposite gender.

3) Native may be rich and having luxurious life styles. He has desire for comfortable life styles. Native may be money minded and having materialistic approach towards life. He may be facing financial crunch.

4) Native may has multiple source of income. He may earn via help of woman. He has good financial growth after marriage. He may earn by own self efforts. He may has hidden source of income. He may expert in financial dealing.

5) Native may be intelligent and sharp minded. He may be expert in tips and tricks. He has capability to know hidden matters. He may study in finance or fashions or female related stream.

6)Native may be good orator. He may be pleasant and respectful nature. Native may be travel lover. He may be sensual from nature and flirty from nature. He may be interested in multiple affairs.

7) Native’s wife may be attractive by look. She may has weak health. She may be facing harmonal issues. Native may has dispute with his wife. Native may be separated from his wife. He may has unnecessary hypocrisy with his wife.

8) Native may be feeling detachment from world. Native may be head of his family or head at workplace. He has issues with his relatives.

9) Native may be facing lungs problem. He may be facing skin issues. He may be facing neurological issues. He may be mental issues. He may be suffering from sexual problems due to harmonal disorde.

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