Sun And Venus Conjunction In Fourth House

Sun and Venus Conjunction in 4th house

1) Before knowing the effect of Sun and Venus conjunction in 4th house, we have to know about Sun in 4th house, Venus in 4th house and Sun and Venus Conjunction.

2) Native may be creative from mind and having philosopher thoughts. He may be emotional and rigid from mind. He has self ego in his mind. He has charming personality and capable to attract mass or public.

3) Native may be fortunate. He has all sorts of materialistic happiness. He may be rich and having inclination towards luxurious life style. He has own royal house and vehicles.

4) Native may has very good attachment with his mother. His mother may be looking good and authoritative by nature. She may be mild in speaking. Native will get his parental property.

5) Native may be in government jobs. He may be facing issues with boss or administrations. He has many friends and good relationship with higher status people. He will has good respect within his relatives.

6) Native may be sensual by nature. He may be suffering from mental stress. He has lack of mental happiness. He has lack of self confidence. He has weak health and lack of self confidence.He may easily comes under influence by others.  He may be suffering from heart related disease.

7)Native has good educations. He may be intelligent in singing, acting and others arts related matters.

8) His wife may be full with self proudness. She may has ego problem with native. Native’s father financial condition may improve after birth of native.

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