Sun And Venus Conjunction In Fifth House

Sun and Venus conjunction in 5th house

1)Before knowing the effect of Sun and Venus conjunction in 5th house, we have to know about Sun in 5th house, Venus in 5th house and Sun and Venus conjunction.

2) Native may be intelligent and wise. He may be scholar and having good knowledge of mantra. He may be very well in praying strotra and mantra. He may be religious from mind.

3) Native may be aggressive by temper. He may has rigid attitude. He may be fickle minded and egoistic. He may be romantic and sensual by nature. He may be very well learned in speaking ability.

4) Native may be ego problem with his wife. Her father may belong to rich and reputed family.

5)If Sun and Venus are in very close conjunction then not good for child birth. Native may has issues regarding child birth. His kids may be good in looking. His kids may has good name and fame. His first kid may be more popular. Native has all sorts of comfort and happiness from his kids.

6) Native may be administrative minded. He has modern attitude. He may be creative from mind. He may be money minded.

7) Native may be rich and wealthy. He may be very good in speculations. He may earn via stock market. He may be a very good financial adviser of powerful person.

8) Native may has abdominal problem or digestive issues.

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