Sun And Moon Conjunction In Third House

Effect of Sun and Moon Conjunction in 3rd house

1) Before knowing the effect of Sun and Moon conjunction in 3rd house, we have to know about effect of Sun in 3rd house, Moon in 3rd house and Sun and Moon conjunction.

2) Native may be brave. He will show his power to others. Even he always try to show his dignity to all his own surroundings. He will get victory over his enemies.

3) Native may be emotional and short in temper. He may be arrogant and crooked. He may be egoistic and having harsh way of communication. Native may has issues in his communications. He doesn’t feel easy to communicated others.

4) Native has good name and fame. He will be getting support from famous person or getting help of them in own promotions. Native will get respect from society. Native may getting support by governments.

5) His parents may has health issues. His parents may be emotional by nature.

6) Native may be getting success in his life via own self efforts. He may be frequently change his professions.

7) Native may has many sort of travelling. He has good wealth but suffering from financial crisis. Native may be skillful.

8) Native may has problems in his ear or neck. Native may has some sorts of issues in bones of hand. He doesn’t like to do physical workout. He may be sensual by nature.Native may has digestive problem. He may be suffering from mental stress. He may be easily come under influence of seasonal fever and flu.

9) His siblings may has health related issues. Native may has dispute with his siblings. Native has jealousy with own siblings.

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