Saturn And Ketu Conjunction

Effect Of Saturn and Ketu Conjunction

1) Saturn and ketu conjunction is consider very bad yoga. Saturn and Ketu are enemy to each other. Saturn and ketu are two worst natural malefic so conjunction of both are not consider good in any matters.

2) Saturn is karak of profession and ketu is karak of breaks. So Saturn and Ketu conjunction is indicating a lots of obstacles in his profession.He may be facing breaks in professional life. This combination may cause to loss of jobs or setback in his profession.

3) Saturn and ketu conjunction is indicating native may be in profession related to temples, spirituality, occults, threads etc. His profession related to wire or wireless industry.

4) Saturn and ketu conjunction is not consider good for Lifespan of native. Native may be suffering from health related issues. Native may be suffering from incurable disease. This combination may cause for accidents.

5) Saturn and ketu conjunction is very good for spiritual progress. He likes to live alone. He likes to mediation. He may be interested in moksha. Native may be devote of lord shiva.

6)  Saturn and ketu conjunction is indicating, native a lots of work load due to his own nature of ‘not taking responsibility”. Native try to avoid own duty but finally he has to do this. So native may be suffering from frustrations. Native has lack of satisfactions via own work.

7) Native’s maternal grandfather may be belongs to ordinary background. He had many hardship in his life.

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