Sun And Mercury Conjunction In Fourth House

Sun and Mercury Conjunction in 4th house

1)Before knowing the effect of Sun and Mercury Conjunction in 4th house we have to know about Sun in 4th house, Mercury in 4th house and Sun and Mercury conjunction.

2) Native may be intelligent and well mannered person. He may be sharp minded and expert in calculations. He may be skilled and good philosopher.

3) Native may has good learning capacity and getting good educations. He may be getting higher education from famous institute. He may be good mathematician or a good astrologer. He may has good knowledge of occult.

4)Native may be restless from mind. He may be full with self respect. He may be brave but lack of internal self confidence. He may be suffering from Mental stress.

5)Native may has very good speaking ability. He may be good diplomat. He may be getting support from friends and relatives. He may be good salesman and representative.

6) Native has all sorts of comfort. But native has lack of domestic happiness. He may be unhappy by nature. He may be suffering from lungs and heart related issues.

7)Native’s mother may be bold and administrative in nature. Native has good happiness of mother. He may be getting maternal property.

8) Native may be getting government jobs. He may getting profit from governments. Native may be criticizer of government policy.

9) Native  may has good name and fame. He may getting parental property. His parental property may has some litigation.

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