Sun And Mercury Conjunction in Third House

Sun And Mercury Conjunction in 3rd House

1) Before knowing the effect of Sun and Mercury Conjunction in 3rd house we have to know about Sun in 3rd house, Mercury in 3rd house and Sun and Mercury conjunction.

2)Native may be handsome and having natural attraction. Native may be brave and he has good mental and physical strength. He will show off his power to others. He will shows his dignity to all who is surrounded by him. He may be helpful in nature.

3) Native has good name and fame. He has relation with famous person. Native may be wealthy. Native has good manners. He may be full with self respect. He knows the value of own reputations.

4) Native will get victory over his enemy. He will getting success over his competitor. He may be very good diplomat. He may getting success in business. He may getting success in gambling activity.

5)Native will be getting success in his life by own self efforts or own courage. He will getting success in his work. He will getting promotions.

6) Native may has jealousy with his siblings. Native may has ego problem with his siblings. His siblings may has health problem. Native’s parents may has health problem.

7)Native may be very intelligent. Native may has good learning capacity. He may be expert in using tips and tricks. Native may has good communication skills. He may be pleasant in speaking. He may be rigid from mind.

8) Native may has unstable financial condition but having good liquidity of money. He has support from friends and relatives.

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