Simple Approach Regarding Jujde A Horoscope Via Awastha Of Planet

Dear friends in my previous series of articles we learnt about effect of different awastha of planet in various ways. But any learning is just like a literature until we not able to utilize their effect. Now we try to analyze effect of awastha of planet on a Sample chart. 

I picked chart of Marilyn Monroe who is a famous actor of Hollywood.

Date of birth – 1 Jun 1926

Place of birth – Los Angeles, California

Time of Birth -09: 30 Am 

Now we calculate the awastha of planet as per as my previous articles. You can also take help of J Hora software to know awastha of planet. I will write down all planet awastha by various ways.

Planet and their Awastha

Now let’s we know the effect of every Planet according to our articles. 

Sun in Yuva and Prakashan Awastha so native’s may has good name and fame. She may be very popular just like Sun. She may be Wealthy. She may join charitable function. She may be very proudy. Her fame is just like King. Sun in Swapna Awastha means she has average health. May be some problems regarding sleeping or any head pain. Sun in Deen awastha so it may cause place change. She may facing opposition by his own relatives and people due her bad moral acts in acting. She may be suffering from humiliation. She may be suffering from disease. She may be involved in wicked acts. 

Moon in Bal awastha. She may be famous for his childish smile and activity. Moon in Jagrat Awastha. She may be very famous for his physical beauty. Moon in Santh Awastha. She may be a very good entertainer. She has good popularity in his working professional life. Moon in Kshudit awastha so it may cause Mental stress and worries regarding his Marriage life. Her life partner may be crooked mentality. He may use her for financial benefit. He may cause her financial losses. Moon in Kautuk Awastha so she may be very famous. She may enjoying Luxurious pleasure. She has good bed pleasure. She may be very wealthy. 

Mars in Mrit Awastha so Mars may be karak of death(also placed in 8th house). She never get a perfect husband. She may be very sensual.  Mars in Supta Awastha, She may be lazy in daily activities. Mars in Dukhit and Kshudit awastha. She may facing obstacles regarding  financial problems. Mars in Agaman awastha , she is very skilled in his work. She will be dear to Public and authority or boss. She may be Wealthy and famous. But she has average health.

Mercury in Yuva avastha. She will be very charming skin. She is popular. Mercury in Swapna Awastha, she may be very dreaming in Mentality. Mercury in Pramudit Awastha, she has good Luxurious happiness. She has good passions. She has royal fame. Mercury in Mudit awastha, she may has good ornaments and good fame through his skin or communication.  Mercury in Kautuk Awastha, she will be dear to all. She has very good artist qualities. She may be suffering from any skin problems.

Jupiter in Bal and Jagrat Awastha, she will be fortunate. She has good prosperity.  Jupiter in Dukhit and Kshudit awastha, Actually she dead in jupiter Mahadasha. She may be suffering from financial difficulties and mental stress. She may be suffering from disease. Her Mentality become crooked. Jupiter in Gaman Awastha, she will be involved in sinful acts. She may become greedy. She serve many of his friends. Her life may be just like a wandering person.

Venus in Bal Awastha and jagrat awastha. She may be use his beauty just like a kids for own success. Venus in Santa awastha, she may be honourable and she became a good actresses through own beauty.  Venus in naitrapani awastha, she may be some problems in her eyes. She may lost his wealth due to his social status or mentain her luxurious status. 

Saturn in Mrit and Supta awastha. Excellent Saturn in 4th house may cause early death. Saturn in diptha awastha gives her luxurious comfort, power and position, energetic and dear to King. Saturn in Garvit awasth, makes her proudy, gives good skills, profits from her boss. Saturn in naitrapani awastha gives her honour even she is fool. She may be popular among public. She is wealthy.  She may be suffering from join pain. She has fear from water and fire. She may be angry in temper and suffering from head pain.

Rahu  in Mrit, Supta, and Upvaishan awastha. She may be got very good popularity. But it may also cause some skin related issues. 

Ketu in Mrit, Supta, Naitrapani Awastha. She may be suffering from eye sight problems.

Hope you enjoying this new way of learning.

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