Bal Kumar Yuva Vridha And Mrita Awastha Of Planet

Five awastha of planet based on sign degree and odd-even concept is very popular among astrologer. Because this is very easy to calculate. Many of us comes under fear by listing regarding mrit awastha and bal awastha of planet. Many says your so so planet in Mrit awastha so not giving results. Before going to introduction of all this, i just want to clear all of you don’t be come under pressure by listing all this. This is just a way to major the strength of planet and this is just only single ways, we have to consider many things before reaching final prediction. Hope you enjoying the way of learning. So just starting

There are Five awastha of Planet, Name as
  • Bal awastha
  • Kumar awastha
  • Yuva awastha
  • Vridha awastha
  • Mritha awastha

So now we just go for way of calculation of all this awastha. As we know that their is 12 sign, starting from Aries and end at Pisces. So If we mark Aries to Pisces sign as 1 to 12 then, Aries will be odd number sign and Taurus will be even number sign. We follow all this till Pisces. So their will be 6 odd sign and 6 evensign.

Again we divide sign by 5 so we find 6 degree amsa of 5 division of sign which is belong to one awastha and each awastha of 6°.

Sequence of awastha are opposite for odd and even sign. Just look below

For Odd Sign 

In odd sign sequence of awastha start from Bal and end at Mrit awastha which are as per as below.

  • 0° to 6° – Bal awastha
  • 6° to 12° – Kumar awastha
  • 12 to 18° – Yuva awastha
  • 18° to 24° – Vridh awastha
  • 24 to 30° – Mrit awastha.

For Even Sign 

In even sign sequence of awastha start from Mrith and end at Bal awastha which are as per as below.  

  • 0° to 6° – Mrith awastha
  • 6 to 12° – Vridha awastha
  • 12 to 18° – Yuva awastha
  • 18 to 24° – Kumar awastha
  • 24 to 30° – Bal awastha.

Effect of Awastha 

It is considered that effect of awastha will be according to their name.

Bal awastha means an awastha where planet in their child form. As we know that planet will be improve their results as per as per as time passes. Bal awastha planet is indicating slow growth. Same as Kumar awastha planet is similar to teen age people, so we can say that planet in teen age will be energetic and capable to giving results but doesn’t have a stability in results. Yuva awastha planet behave like a dedicate person who is aimed towards their goals and try to give their 100 percent results. Vridha awastha planet is just like a old man who is experienced but lack of energy so he needs support so then can give awesome results. Mrita awasta planet is just like a dead person who doesn’t have any sort energy, but may be capable to prove very dangerous with support of any Marak planet. Please note i have seen in many chart Mrita awastha planet will capable to give awesome results. For example Jupiter has highest degree of exaltation at 5 degree at cancer sign which is even sign, so we can say Jupiter highest degree of exaltation falls under Mrita awastha. So just assume a exalted Jupiter falls at Mrita awastha.

According to Parasara effect of awastha during dasha of planet is

Bal awastha – 25% 

Kumar awastha – 50%

Yuva awastha – 100%

Vridha awastha – 12% 

Mrita awastha – 0% 

Let’s take a Example chart.

In above chart Sun in even sign @ 16 degree, so Sun is belong to Yuva awastha. Moon in odd sign at 26 degree so Moon in Mrit awastha. Mars in odd sign at 11 degree so Mars in Kumar awastha. Mercury in odd sign at 7 degree so Mars in Kumar awastha. Jupiter in 15 degree at odd sign so Jupiter in Yuva awastha. Venus in odd sign at 2 degree so Venus in Bal awastha. Saturn in even sign at 13 degree so Saturn in Yuva awastha.

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