Jagrit Swapna And Supta Awastha And Their Effect

Jagrit, Swapna and Supta awastha is related to alertness of planet. Just like a common man behave different in different stage of alertness of their body, for example a man in awaken stage(Jagrit awastha) may be more alert than dreaming stage( Swapna awastha) and dreaming stage guy is more alert then Sleeping stage( Supta awastha). That’s like great sage suggested behave of planet will be different in different awastha.

So we can say that Planet in different awastha will give different results as per as their name. Jagrit awastha will give their full results. Swapna awastha will give their half or medium results. Supta awastha will able to give very few results.

There is two thoughts regarding Jagrit, Swapna and Supta awastha of planet. One is based on drekkna and second is based on sign. We know all two ways, yes both has different finding so in practical we just assume both are true ways and mix our results.

1st thoughts based on drekkna. 

As we know that every sign is divided into 3 part of equal to 10 degree each. Each part is known as drekkana.  Now we look the ways to find awastha.

In odd sign 

Planet in 1st drekkana (0 to 10°) is in Jagrit awastha.

Planet in 2nd drekkana (10 to 20°) is in Swapna awastha. 

Planet in 3rd drekkana (20 to 30°) is in Supta awastha.

In Even sign

In even sign sequence will be opposite. 

Planet in 1st drekkana (0 to 10° ) is in Supta awastha.

Planet in 2nd drekkana (10 to 20°) is in Swapna awastha.

Planet is in 3rd drekkana (20 to 30°) is in Jagrit awastha. 

2nd thoughts based on Sign 

Planet in own sign, mooltrikona and his exalted is considered as Jagrit awastha.

Planet in own friend and neutral sign is considered as Swapna awastha. 

Planet in his debilating sign and enemy sign is considered as Supta awastha. 

 We are following second thoughts, because this popular and looks attractive regarding giving results.

Let’s take a example chart. 

Sun is placed in even sign in 2nd drekkana so in Swapna awastha. Same time Sun in his friend sign so again it is in Swapna awastha. Moon in odd sign and 3rd drekkana so we can say Moon in Supta awastha. Again Moon in neutral sign so Moon in swapna awastha.

Mars in odd sign and 2nd drekkana so Mars in swapna awastha and same time Mars is placed his enemy sign so Mars in Supta awastha. Mercury in odd sign and 1st drekkana so Mercury in Jagrit awastha. In other thoughts Mercury in his friend sign so Mercury in Swapna awastha. Jupiter in odd sign and 2nd drekkana so Jupiter in Swapana awastha. Same time Jupiter in his mooltrikona sign so Jupiter in his Jagrit awastha. Saturn in even sign and 2nd drekkana so Saturn in swapana awastha and same time Saturn in his neutral sign so again in Swapna awastha.

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