Lajjitadi Awastha Of Planet And Their Effect

There are 6 awastha planet based on mood of Planet. This are Lajjita, Garvita, Kshudhita, Trisshita, Mudita, and Kshobhita.  So before going to know about this awastha of planet, first we know the meaning of each awastha. Lajjita means facing humiliation or ashamed. Gravita means having proudness on ownself. Kshudhita means feeling hungry stage. Trisshita means thirsty stage of person. Mudita means being happy. Kshobhita means angry stage of native. As per as name we can assume that which awastha is better and which is worst.

Now let’s know the way of the way of finding of awastha of planet

Lajjita – When a planet placed in child’s planet sign (such as Sun in Saturn house, Moon in Mercury house),or Planet associated with Rahu & Ketu, or Planet conjunct with Sun, Saturn and Mars then that planet will be in lazzit awastha. 

Garvita – When Planet in own house, excellent and Mooltrikona sign then that planet in Garvita awastha.

Kshudhita awastha – When planet in his enemy sign, or aspect/associated with his enemy planet or associated with Saturn then they are in Kshudhita awastha.

Trisshita awastha – When any planet is in watery sign and aspect by his enemy or malefic planet and no beneficial planet is aspecting then planet in Trisshita awastha.

Mudita awastha – When any planet is in friend sign, or aspect by friends, or associated with friends or associated with Jupiter then it is in Mudita awastha.

Kshobhita awastha – When any planet is with Sun and only aspect by many natural malefic or his enemy planet then it is in Kshovit awastha.

Effect Of Awastha

Lajjita awastha planet – During dasha of lajjita awastha planet, native may be devoid from rightness. He may be suffering from loss of intelligence. He may be wandering fruitless. His children may be suffering from disease. He may be interested in quarrel and devoid from good acts.

Garvita awastha planet – During dasha of Garvita awastha planet, native may be getting happiness of new house. He has happiness from his farmhouse. He may be getting profits from kingdom. He may be getting skills of different arts. He may gets good knowledge. He may be getting profit from every where. He may getting professional growth.  He may gets best success.

Kshudhita awastha planet – During dasha of Kshudhita awastha planet, native may be suffering from sorrows & mental stress and illness. His family may be suffering from sorrows. He may facing quarrels or enmity with enemy. He may be suffering from financial problems. He will loss of his strength and power. He may become crooked mentality. 

Trisshita awastha planet – During dasha of Trisshita awastha planet, Native’s wife may be suffering from ill health or hormonal problem. He may be involving in wicked or sinful acts which may cause for defame among own people. He may facing loss of wealth. He may be suffering due to wicked people and facing humiliation.

Mudita awastha planet –  During dasha of Mudita awastha planet, Native may has happiness of own house, clothes, ornaments, and other materialistic happiness.  He has happiness of women and land. He may getting importance among own people. He may getting opportunity to live in king house. He may getting victory over enemies. His intelligence and knowledge will be increased.

Kshobhita awastha planet – During dasha of kshobhita awastha planet, native may be suffering from sorrows. He may become a person having crooked mentality. He may be suffering from poverty & financial problems, loss of wealth, problems in legs, and fear from authorities or king.

Other Effect Of Awastha 

1)We must have to look awastha of planet during our prediction with other prospects. 

2)If with Mudita planet their is kshobhita or Kshudhita planet then we have to predict mix results.

3)If any planet in bad awastha and lack of strength then it will cause for loss. If any planet is strong in strength and good awastha then it will be bring best results. 

4) Kshudit and kshovit planet may cause loss for that bhav where they placed. 

5)If in 10th house a planet in Lajjita, Trisshita, Kshudhita and Kshobhita awastha then native will always suffering from sorrows. 

6)If any planet in Lajjita awastha in 5th house then his only one kids will alive.

7)If 7th house has kshobhita and Trisshita planet then his wife may be dead or he may be devoid from happiness of his wife.

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