Diptadi Awastha Of Planet and Their Results

There are Nine awastha of planet based on placement in sign and combination with planet. Actually it is co-realted with mood and attitude of planet. Assume the mood of a human, some time he is in happy mood and some time in jolly mood and some time angry and some time crazy. If we notice then in every condition, their behavior and output of any work may be different. In same ways Planet has 9 type of stage of their mood, this is known as Diptadi awastha.

Now we know the name of those nine awastha of planet and way of finding of awastha and their results

Name of awastha of Planet

1)Dipta Awastha – When a planet in his exaltation sign.

2)Swastha Awastha – When a planet in his own sign.

3)Pramudit or Mudit Awastha – When a planet in his Atimitra or best friend sign (based on five fold or Pancha dha matri)

4)Santh Awastha – When a planet in his friend sign.

5)Deen Awastha – When a planet in his Neutral sign.

6)Dukhi Awastha – When a planet in his enemy sign.

7)Vikal awastha – When a planet is combination with natural malific planet or Papi planet such as Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.

8)Khal Awastha – When a planet is placed in sign owned by worst malefic sign then it is in Khal Awastha. Saravali says when a planet is placed in navmasa of natural malefic then it is in Khal awastha.

9)Kupit Awastha – When a planet is combust by Sun. (generally it is considered any planet in same nakhshatra of Sun or away 12° from Sun is combust).

Effect of Awastha 

It is considered any planet in Dipta, Swastha and Pramudit Awastha will give full results. Any planet in Santh and Deen Awastha will give medium results. Any planet in Dukhi, Vikal, Khal and Kupit Awastha will give ordinary results.

Effect Of Awastha During Dasha Of Planet 

1)Dipta Awastha – During dasha of Dipta planet, native will gets profit from government or authority. He will gets power and position. He will be full with braveness and excitement. He will gets profit of wealth and vehicles. He will be getting happiness of family. He will getting happiness of his relatives. He will be getting blessings from king. He will getting good knowledge. He will be getting victory over his enemies via own effort and strength. The house occupy such planet will improve own natural significant.

2)Swastha Awastha – During dasha of swastha awastha planet, native will has good health or improvements in health during dasha. He will get wealth and happiness from authorities. He may get power by blessing of authority or government. He will get knowledge &fame,. Others giving respect or support to him. He will getting importance in society. He has good happiness through women. He will get wealth & property etc. He will be on the way of dharma.

3) Pramudit Awastha – During dasha of Pramudit planet native has happiness of materials things such as cloths, perfume etc. He will happiness of children and money. He has passions in mind. He has happiness of royal vehicles, ornaments, and others luxurious items. He has profits of hearing Puran and others religious stories. He will getting news of defeat of his enemies.

4)Santha Awastha – During dasha of Santha awastha planet, native will be happy. He will be do acts according to rightness. He has happiness of children, land, wife, and vehicles. He will getting knowledge & entertainment. He will popular among public and getting awards. He may involved in charitable work.

5)Deen awastha – During Dasha of deen awastha planet, native has to quiet his home land. He may be facing opposition by own relatives or people. He has to wandering from one place to another place. He may be involving in wicked acts or lower class jobs. He has do lower class profession or such type of jobs which is below of his social status. He may be suffering from humiliation by others. He may be suffering from disease.

6)Dukhit Awastha – During dasha of Dukhit planet, Native will be suffering from many types of sorrows or obstacles in his life. He may be goes to foreign place. He will be devoid from happiness of own people. He has fear from thief, fire, authorities or king etc. He may be facing such type of events due to which he will be feeling sadness in his life.

7)Vikal awastha – During dasha of Vikal awastha planet, Native will be suffering from failure, depression, stress, death or loss of friends or others importance people of his life. Mainly he may suffering from unhappiness through wife, children and vehicles. He has sorrows by thief. He may facing danger from vehicle accidents or danger from fire.

8)Khal awastha – During dasha of khal awastha planet, native may be suffering from qurrels and separation. He may be suffering from separation with father. He may be suffering from his enemies or loss due to his enemies. He may be suffering from loss of his wealth, property and land. He may be suffering from criticism of own people. 

9)Kupit Awastha – During dasha of kupit planet, Native may be suffering from many sorrows due to his sinful acts. Native may be suffering from loss of his knowledge, wealth, women, children, relatives etc. His sons may be suffering from sorrows. He may be suffering from eye sight problems. His internal anger and ego is very high which may cause huge loss of him.

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