Mars And Jupiter Conjunction In 2nd House

Mars and Jupiter Conjunction In Second House

1)Before knowing the effect of Mars and Jupiter Conjunction in 2nd house we have to Know about Mars in 2nd house, Jupiter in 2nd house and Mars and Jupiter conjunction.

2) Native may be reddish and fair in looks. He may be sincerer and handsome in looking just like a warrior or hardness at face. He has beautiful eyes. He may be philosopher by thoughts.

3) Native may be aggressive and eloquent speaker. His voice has loudness. He will show his ego and proudness via his speech. His voice has natural leadership quality.

4) Native may be think and reacts very quickly with their words. He has very good logical ability. He may be very good in oral learning. He knows how to use his words power.

5)Native may be rich and fortunate regarding money matters. Native may earn wealth via own efforts. He has good passions to earn wealth.

6) Native may be belongs to powerful and reputed family. His family members has ego problem. His family may be rich.

7) Native may has good morality and conduct. He will be first try to settle any matters via counselling after that he will show his power. He has materialistic approach regarding life.

8) Native may be rigid in nature. He has very big ego. But he is very clever and wise in taking action.

9)Native may be suffering from pimples. He may suffering from eye sight problem.

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