Maas Shoonya in vedic astrology

Maas Shoonya Tithi or Rashi Concept in Vedic Astrology

What is Maas Shoonya Tithi, Maas Shoonya Nakshatra, Maas Shoonya Rashi in Vedic astrology

Maas Shoonya is a malefic yoga in Vedic astrology. Maas Shoonya is made with two words Maas means month and Shoonya means Zero. So, basically, Maas Shoonya is a possible astrological period in a Vedic month where the results of any acts will be zero. Or we get nothing for our efforts.

So, Let’s discuss them one by one. Our Vedic Guru suggests that for Choosing any sort of good muhurta, first, we have to sort out Tithi then we have to sort out the star and then finally we have to choose the Lagna sign. So, follow the instruction we have starting with Maas Shoonya Tithi.

Introduction of Maas Shoonya Tithi

Every particular Vedic Month has some Tithi is known as Maas Shoonya Tithi. A list of Maas Shoonya Tithi is listed below

  1. Chaitra Month – Ashtami, Navami (both Krishna & Shukla paksha)
  2. Vaisakha Month – Dwadashi (both Krishna & Shukla paksha)
  3. Jyeshta Month – Krishna Chaturdashi, Shukla Trayodashi
  4. Aashaadha Month – Krishna Shashti, Shukla Saptami
  5. Shravan Month – Dwitiya, Tritiya (both Krishna & Shukla paksha)
  6. Bhadrapada Month – Pratipada, Dwitiya (both Krishna & Shukla paksha)
  7. Ashwini Month – Dashami, Ekadashi (both Krishna & Shukla paksha)
  8. Kartika Month – Krishna Panchami, Shukla Chaturdashi
  9. Margashirsha Month – Saptami, Ashtami (both Krishna & Shukla paksha)
  10. Pausha Month – Chaturthi, Panchami (both Krishna & Shukla paksha)
  11. Magha Month – Krishna Panchami, Shukla Shashti
  12. Phalguna Month – Krishna Chaturthi, Shukla Tritiya

The above combination of Month & Tithi is known as Maas Shoonya Tithi.

Introduction of Maas Shoonya Nakshatra

Maas Shoonya Nakshatra formed with the combination of Vedic Maas and Vedic star. Below are the combination of Maas Shoonya Nakshatra

  1. Chaitra Month – Ashwani & Rohini Nakshatra
  2. Vaisakha Month – Chitra & Swati Nakshatra
  3. Jyeshta Month – Uttarashadha & Pushya
  4. Ashada Month – Poorva Phalguni & Dhanishta
  5. Shravan Month – Uttarashada & Shrawana
  6. Bhadrapada Month – Shatabhisha & Revathi
  7. Ashwini Month – Purva Bhadrapada
  8. Kartika Month – Kritika & Magha
  9. Margashirsha Month – Chitra & Vishaka
  10. Pausha Month – Ashwani, Adara, Hasta
  11. Magha Month – Sharwana & Moola
  12. Phalguna Month – Bharani & Jyeshta

Maas Shoonya Nakshatra is also malefic in nature.

Introduction of Maas Shoonya Rashi

Below is the possible combination of Maas Shoonya Rashi which is formed with Vedic Month & Vedic sign.

  1. Chaitra Month – Aquarius Sign
  2. Vaisakha Month – Pisces sign
  3. Jyeshta Month – Taurus Sign
  4. Ashada Month – Gemini Sign
  5. Shravan Month – Aries Sign
  6. Bhadrapada Month – Virgo Sign
  7. Ashwini Month – Scorpion sign
  8. Kartika Month – Libra Sign
  9. Margashirsha Month – Sagittarius sign
  10. Pausha Month – Cancer Sign
  11. Magha Month – Capricorn Sign
  12. Phalguna Month – Leo sign

We can see the Maas Shoonya sign from both the Moon sign and Lagna.

Effect of Maas Shoonya Sign

Effect of Maas Shoonya Tithi, Nakshatra, and Sign

  • Maas Shoonya will be considered malefic in nature.
  • Any sort of work done during Maas Shoonya tithi, nakshatra and sign be not fruitful for native.
  • We can avoid any auspicious work during Maas Shoonya Muhurta.
  • Maas Shoonya will be considered inauspicious for financial matters.
  • Any children born during Maas Shoonya muhurta will be facing instability in their financial status. He has facing problems regarding children.
  • Children born during Maas Shoonya maybe consider Harmful to their family kin.

Suppose any kid born during

  1. Maas Shoonya tithi with
  2. Maas Shoonya Moon Nakshatra
  3. with Maas Shoonya Lagna
  4. then we consider this an Evil birth.

For example, any kid born in Chaitra Month Ashtami tithi with Ashwani Moon nakshatra and Aquarius ascendant then we consider this as Evil birth.

In the case of Evil birth, we must perform remedy to destroy the evil effect.

Cancellation of Maas Shoonya effect

There is some automatic cancellation Sutra mentioned in the classical book of Astrology Sanhita. Below are the Cancelation Sutra

  • If Maas Shoonya Tithi, Nakshatra, Sign has Vedha of a Strong auspicious planet (Jupiter, Venus, Mercury) then the negative effect of Maas Shunya will be reduced. You can use the Sarvatobhadra chakra to check this.
  • When same days has also Siddhi yoga then malefic effect of Maas Shoonya will reduced.
  • If Maas Shoonya Sign has aspects of a Strong natural beneficial planet, then malefic results of Maas Shoonya will be reduced.
  • When the Maas Shoonya sign will be aspected by its own Sign lord or Maas Shoonya Sign has its own sign lord then the negative effect of the Maas Shoonya sign will be decreased.
  • If the Maas Shoonya sign lord placed in own navamsa then also the negative effect will be reduced.
  • When a strong natural beneficial planet is placed in Kendra from the Moon sign or Lagna then also the effect of Maas Shoonya will be reduced.

As we see, there is a lot of Exemption sutra, that’s why most of the case Maas Shoonya effect will be reduced. But in those horoscopes where cancellation has not happened, will be suffering in their life. 

Remedy for Maas Shoonya tithi, Nakshatra, Sign

  • For Maas Shoonya tithi you can do Shanti of that Tithi lord.
  • For Maas Shoonya Nakshatra, you can do Shanti of that Nakshatra.
  • For Maas Shoonya sign, you can do Shanti for Sign lord.
  • Devi Sadhana such as Durga Stotra will be reduced the negative effect of the Maas Shoonya effect.

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