Impact of Birth Paksha, Mass, Kaal

Impact of Birth Paksha, Mass, Kaal

How to Predict From Birth Panchang Part 3

In this series of article we have to learn about effect of birth panchang. In the last serious we have to know the effect of thithi. In this article we have to learnt effect of lunar month and their other factors. As we know that Lunar month is time taken by moon from one Purnima to other Purnima. And every lunar month has two paksha, krishna and Shukla paksha. So let’s know the effect of Paksha

Effect of Paksha

Krishna Paksha or dark half of month 

When a person born in Krishna Paksha, he will be making argument regarding own work. He is devote to his own mother. He is inimical to own relatives.

Shukla Pakhsha or Bright half of month 

When a person born in Shukla pakhsha, native will be endowed with enough sons, grandsons and wealth. He has inclination towards religious activities or rightness acts. He is kind and liberal.

Effect Of Lunar Month or Mass

As we know that when Sun and Moon are exactly 180° away from each other then that day is called Purnima. And after that a new month or Mass is starting. Now we think Sun and Moon conjunction at same degree then this day is Amavasya. A lunar month means time taken by Moon between 2 conjunction. Means One Amavasya to another Amavasya. But in counting we take month between one Purnima to another Purnima.

Look at this chart.

When Sun and Moon conjunction is happens in Pisces Sign and at the day Purnima, Moon in Chitra Nakhshatra(or around it) then that month will be Chaitra month.

For example next Amavasya (21 june), Sun and Moon conjunction happen in Gemini sign. Again at the day of Purnima Moon is in Purvaashaadha nakshtra so that month is Ashaadha month.

I think you understand the concept of Maas. Now we learn about adimas concept.

Adimas concept

As you know in our lunar Maas or month system, after some years there are two same Maas or lunar month, which is known as Adhimaas.

  • So we know this concept.
  • A solar year has about 365.2425 days.
  • Means Time taken by Sun to transit all 12sign and come again to Aries.
  • For make up this .2425 days we have a leep year in each fourth year.
  • A lunar year only has about 355 days. So to make up this gap once in every 3 year a extra Lunar month comes.
  • To decide when this extra Lunar month comes we has formula in our vedic system.
  • When ever Sun-Moon conjunction or amavasya coming twice in the same sign.  Means two Amavasya in Same Sign then that month has two Lunar month.
For example,
  • Sun-Moon conjunction took place at 0°23′ in Taurus on May 15, 1999 at 5:35:32 pm (IST) and again at 28°29′ in Taurus on June 14, 1999 at 12:33:27 am (IST).
  • Sun-Moon conjunction in Taurus sign so according to table it is Jyesta Maas.
  • So there are 2 conjunction so two Jyesta Maas.

One is called “Nija” or “Shudha” Jeshtha maasa and  the  other is called “Adhika” Jyeshtha maasa. Nija means real and adhika means extra. An adhika maasa (extra month) comes once in every 3 years and that synchronizes the lunar years with solar years. This calendar has been in use in India from thousand of years. First 15 day and last 15 day of this 2 month is called Shudh month and remaining middle portion is known as Addhimass.

And same time we have to proud over our ancient that they have awesome knowledge of astronomy.

Effect of different Mass or vedic month

Chaitra Maas 

If the  native born in Chaitra Maas, native will be know all all sorts of arts such as singing, dancing, writing, poetry etc. He will be also study ved, vendnga, science etc. He has frequently enjoying party or happiness in lives. He will be interested in women.

Note : According to chart this Month Sun in Pisces Sign.

Baishaka Mass

If Native is born in Baishaka mass, then he may be experts in all shastra means he has all types of knowledge. He will be independent. He will be king or lord of big land.

Note : This Month Sun in Arise Sign.

Jyeshtha Month

When Native is born in Jyeshtha Month, then he may has long lived children. He will be endowed with long lasting wealth. He will be experts in mantra, rituals and poetry.

Note:- this month Sun in Taurus sign.

Ashhadha Mass

When native is born in Ashhadha Mass, then native is very wealthy. He is very kind and liberal. He is enjoying happiness of night. He will be criticizer of other or having jealousy for others.

Tips:- Sun in Gemini Sign those months.

Sravana Mass

The native born in Sravan Mass will be interested in workship of God, Brahman, earth.

Tips:- Those day generally Sun in Cancer sign.

Bhadrapad Mass

The native born in Bhadrapad Mass is visiting many countries. He will be interested in tantra, or knowledge of theory of machinery. He will be honored by King or country.

Tips Those day Sun in Leo sign.

Ashwani mass

The people born in Ashwani Maas he will be hates own relatives and people. He will be poor and wicked man.

Tips:- Those day Sun in Virgo.

Karthik mass

The people born in Kartika mass, he will be very strong physical body. He will be interested in doing agriculture works. He will have broad eyes. He has huge wealth.

Tips Those day Sun in Libra Sign.

Marigshira Maas

The people born in Marigshira mass, he will be devote of God, Brahman, elders and his parents. He will be religious.

Tips:- Those day Sun in Scorpion Sign.

Poosha mass

The people born in Poosha mass, he will be endowed with wealth, strength or power and good qualities. His nose is elevated.

Tips:- Those day Sun in Sagittarius Sign.

Magha Mass

The people born in Magha, he will be wicked from Mind. But he will be involved in religious activities or rightness activities.

Tips:- Those day Sun in Capricorn Sign.

Phalguni Mass

The people born in Phalguni Mass he will be doing daily helping deeds. He will be fond of Music.

Tips:- Those day Sun in Aquarius Sign.

Effect Of Vedic Rithu

In our Vedic system Rithu are Six which has unique impact on native so we know the Rithu fal.

Basant Rithu
Chaitra and Baishaka mass. Sun may be Pisces and Aries sign.
Person born in basant Rithu, he will be long lived, wealthy and loves perfume.

Grishma Rithu
Jyesta and Ashada month. Sun may be in Taurus and Gemini.
Person born in Grishma Rithu, he will be clever in expense of water and wealth. He is interested in materialistic happiness. He has lean body limb. He has good budhi or intelligence.

Barsha Rithu
Sharavna and Bhadrapad mass. Sun may be in Cancer and Leo sign.
He loves milk, salt, bitter taste. He is sweet in communication. His budhi or mentality will be very clear.

Sarad Rithu
Ashawin and Kartika mass. Sun may be in Virgo and Libra Sign.
He is Punyatma. He will be handsome. He is happy and sensual by nature.

Hemant Rithu
Margshira and Poosha mass. Sun in Scorpion and Sagittarius Sign.
He is Yogi, He has Lean body limb. He will be farmer. He is interested in materialistic happiness. He is capable.

Shishir Rithu
Magha and Phalguni. Sun in Capricorn and Aquarius Sign. He is interested in bathing. He is charitable. He  loves rightness.  He is honored and famous.

Effect of Ayana

As we know that there is 2 type of Ayana


The period when Sun transit from Capricorn sign to Gemini Sign then this period is called Uttarayna. Means when in any horoscope Sun is in Capricorn, Aquarius, Pieces, Aries, Taurus, and Gemini native is born under Uttarayna.

Effect of Uttarayna

The Person Born in Uttarayna, he will be interested in gaining knowledge, vidhya, yog etc. He will be lives life with Morality.


When Sun transit from Cancer sign to Sagittarius Sign then this period is called Dakshinayana. Means when in horoscope Sun in Cancer, Leo, virgo, Libra, Scorpion and Sagittarius he will be born in Dakshinayana.

Effect of Dakshinayana

Native will be expert in communication, he knows Bhed niti very well, he has good intelligence and aggressive by nature.

Effect of Kaal in Birth Panchang  

(It may be from 4am to 8am.)
He has many sorts of happiness.

Tips — Sun may be in 2nd house, 1st house, 12th house.

(It may be from 8am to 12pm)
He will be interested in own rightness jobs. He is doing good deeds and will be happy.

Tips — Sun may be in 12th house, 11th house.

(It may be from 12pm to 4pm)
He has good quality just like king. He will be wealthy from others wealth.

Tips– Sun may be in 10th house and 9th house.

(It may be from 4pm to 8pm)
He will be fond of perfume and women. He is wicked man and having wandering habits.

Tips — Sun may be in 8th house and 7th house.

Ratri kaal 
(It may be from 8pm to 4am)
It is same as  Sayamkaal . Means He will be fond of perfume and women. He is wicked man and having wandering habits.

Tips — Sun may be in 6th house, 5th house, 4th house, 3rd house.

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