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Prediction of Birth chart by Panchang – Part 1

Panchang is important part of our Vedic culture. We always see Panchang before starting any sort of auspicious acts. Panchang is most important part of Muhurat astrology. Apart from this Panchang has also a wide effect on Jatak or predictive astrology. In this series of articles we know about impact of Birth panchang on native. So let’s first know about “Panchang”.

Panchang is made from two words :Panch” and “Ang”. Panch means five and ang means part of limb. So from name it is very clear Panchang is made from Five limbs. So 1st let’s know about limb of Panchang.

Five limbs of Panchang 

The Five limbs of Panchang are

  • 1)Var
  • 2)Thithi
  • 3)Nakshatra
  • 4) Karan
  • 5)Yoga

Now we know about all limbs of Panchang one by one. We also know about eefect of each limb of Panchang on birth chart. Then we take a sample of chart and try to Predict by birth chart.

Var and their effect

Var is representing the day in our vedic systems. Var is 7th in number just like day. Actually it is similar to day. But starting time of Var is different from day. Name of Var are

  1. Ravivar or Sunday
  2. Somvar or Monday
  3. Mangalvar or Tuesday
  4. Budhvar or Wednesday
  5. Guruvar or Thursday
  6. Shukravar or Friday
  7. Shanivar or Saturday

In current popular Time systems day change after Mid night. But in Our Vedic system Var or day is changed after Sunrise. For example Today 12 june 2020 is Friday or Shukravar. So as in Standard calendar day is changed after midnight and 12am and new day will be Saturday or Shanivaar. But in Vedic system day change after Sunrise. So suppose Sunrise in today is 6am and tomorrow sun rise at 6:05am. So Vedic var of day will be from 6am today to next day 6:05am. Means Shukravar is start from 6am today end at 6:05am next day. Hope you understand the var concept and don’t confuse with standard day system.

Now in our Vedic system each var is ruled by different planet. So according to their ruler ship in our classical book of astrology gives hints about their best effects on Native.

Var Lord of Var
Shanivar Saturn

Effect of Var at birthpanchang

Ravivar(Sunday) — This day is ruled by Sun. So people born in this day is consider blessed by Lord Sun. He has brown hair, eyes & body color. He will be proud full or having ego or self proudness. He may getting honor by others.

Somvar (Monday) — This day is ruled by Moon. So they are blessed by Moon quality. So He will be sensual by nature. He has rajsic gun or having desires (actually word used is kaami ). He will be charming. He will be kind from heart.

Tuesday (Mangal Var) —- This day is ruled by Mars. So native is blessed by Mars quality. So He may be cruel. He will be harsh in speech and argumentative in nature . He will be interested in brave or daring acts.

Wednesday (Budhvar) —- This day is ruled by Mercury. So native is blessed by qualities of Mercury. So Native is honored God and Brahman. He is very good in communication. He will be polite in behavior.

Thursday (Guruvar) — This day is ruled by Jupiter. So Native is blessed by Jupiter quality. So Native is doing sacrifices or Yagya(यज्ञ). He is popular among king or blessed by kings or loved by king. He is virtuous or having best qualities. He is famous.

Friday (Shukravar) – This day is ruled by Venus .So Native is blessed by Venus quality. So Native will be endowed with corn, land and wealth ( Dhan dhanya Sai paripurn). He is dear to all. He has very sensual by nature.

Saturday (Shanivar) — This day is ruled by Saturn . So Native is blessed by Saturn quality. So native is not so much intelligent or lazy but skillful. He will be lives on other foods and money. He will be always inclined towards argument. He will be jealous by nature. He will be facing obstacles from his relatives.

Next articles we know about effect of Thithi on birth panchang.

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