Leo Ascendant According To Classical Book


The Leo Ascendant native has eyes just like honey coloured. He has large chin and broad face. He will be proudy or full with self-respect. He is full with braveness. He will be getting angry on very little matters. He will be inclined to traveling towards forest and hills. He will be more inclined towards his mother. He has fixed or rigid mentality or Buddhi.

Jatak Parijat 

The native born as Leo Ascendant,  he has few sons. He will be satisfied from mentality. He will be volatile from Mentality. He will be brave. He will be just like King. He has power to control others. He will be get victory over enemies. He will be sensual. He will be inclined towards going forigen country.


The Leo Ascendant native likes to eating meat. He will be getting wealth and honoured just like King. He will be head of any religious organizations. He will be duty full regarding his families. His face is just like lion. He has good Strength, honored and position. He will be very bold or daring in acts. He will speaking very little. He is greedy in nature. He will have nature who attacked over others. He will have enough foods for eating. He will be inclined towards visiting forest and hills. He is will have enough angriness. He will be steady in friendship. He will be interested in entertainment. He will be daring in action. He destroy his enemies. His children may be famous. He will be honored good(Sadhu) person. He will be rich through agriculture works. He will be interested in business. He has many types of expenses. He will expense on prostitute, dancer and his own wife. He will be suffering from dental disease.


Leo ascendant native has great strength. His chest is hard and his look and face are fierce as a lion’s. He is fond of flesh. He gets honoured by the king. He has good
depth, firmness, steadfastness, and courage.
He is an arrogant person who speaks little and runs after wealth. He is a greedy and hungry man.He is getting happiness in striking others. He is a careless person who is very irritable and is hard to resist. He is firm for his friends. He giving honour to saint (sadhu).
He is a well established man who undertakes all the duties of his families. He is immoral regarding sexual acts. He will destroy his all enemies of different- different fields. He will protecting his relatives. He will be delight in murder and injury.
His son is famous. His most of enemies is destroyed.His wealth is
increased and accumulated by activities like farming. He marries with various aged wives or
whores, dancers, and ascetic women.
He may be interested in own profession. He desires various extravagances. He may be suffering from teeth related disease. He may be die inevitably because of hunger, swords, nooses, water, and poison, or because of anger and diseases, or because of aquatic animals.

Vridha Yavanjatakam 

Leo Ascendant people are devoid from fortune. He will be destroy his enemies. He will be devoid from wealth. He may be eating very much. He will be shameless. He will be critizing good(santh) man. He may be inclined towards wicked acts. He doesn’t respect help of others.

Bhavratna Ratnakar
1. Sun-Mercury-Mars conjunction is indicating native may have good wealth.

Logic – Sun is 1st house lord and Mercury is lord of 2nd and 11th house and Mars is yogkarak. So above combination is good wealth yog.

2. Sun-Jupiter-Mercury conjunctions indicate wealth.

Logic –  Above combination is combination of 1st and 9th and 2nd+ 11th house lord combination. So it is a good wealth yog.

3. Sun-Mercury combination indicates moderate fortunes.

Logic – Sun and Mercury combination is creating a wealth yog. So its good for materialistic gain.

4. A Jupiter-Venus combine causes destruction of other yogas and don’t produce Rajyyog.

Logic – In general Jupiter and Venus combination is consider good for wealth. Leo Ascendant it is also combination 10th and 5th house lord. But author suggested Venus and Jupiter combination is also 3rd and 8th house lord combination. Which is not consider good. So above yog doesn’t produce any Rajyyog. Even due to impact of 3rd and 8th house lord It’s may destroy effect of others Rajyyog in horoscope.

5. Venus can’t produce a yoga. However, he becomes a benefic when in Libra but a malefic when in Taurus.

Logic – Venus is functional malefic for Leo Ascendant. But when it is placed in 3rd house then native may have some fortune regarding wealth. But in Taurus it is cause hard labour in his professional life.

6. If there’s a Sun-Mercury-Mars conjunction in lagna, the Mercury dasa brings in much wealth.
Logic – This is very good combination of wealth yog. Actually Mercury in functional malefic but in above combination during Mercury Dasha native may accumulate huge wealth.

7. The Saturn dasa will be fortunate if there’s a Saturn-Mars combination in Cancer sign.
Logic – Actually Saturn Mars conjunction is indicating Neech Bhang of Mars. Again Saturn in 12th house is Making Viparit Rajyyog. So it may possible Saturn Dasha may be fortunate for Leo Ascendant.

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