Aries Ascendant According To Classical Book Of Astrology

Aries Ascendant people have round eyes and weak Knees. He is fierce in nature. He will have fear from
water. He will try to eat with limitation or carefully. He may have good passions regarding Sexual union with women. He may be independent regarding livehood or stand on own foot. He will be fickle minded. He will be experts in speaking falsehood. He may gets injuries on his body limbs.

Jatak Parijat

Aries Ascendant person will hates own relatives. He will be wandering in nature. He has lean body. He
will be angry in temper. He loves argument or dispute. He is proudy by nature. He has weak knees. He
has unstable financial condition. He is very brave.
Aries Ascendant native will be firecy in anger. He will be greedy man who has no morality. He will be
traveling in forigen country. He may has weak physique and limited happiness. He will be speaking in
blundering fashion.
He may be suffering from illness due to Pitta and Kapha related problems. He may be suffering from eye related problems. He may be clever in business. He has sell out his morality for his own interest or profit.
He will be jelious by nature. He may be cause destruction for others property or wealth. He will be
cowardly and fickle by nature. He will be stupid and lose their hopes.
He may be either separate from his father or mother or brother. He may be walks swiftly and destructive
in nature. He may has few children whose character may just opposite to his brothers and relatives. He
may possess various types of money.
He will be famous man whose wealth is secure and immense. His relatives are bad. He has good conduct but his nails are ugly. He may gets victory over his enemies. His wife may belong to bad family and whose nature will be rude and thoughts are not broad. His wife may be more inclined towards own
He may be accumulate wealth by commission of wicked acts. He may be enjoying happiness by wasting
and diminishing his wealth. He may lost his life due to blood or fire or sword or from breaking his body
because of disease arising due to poison or Pitth.

Bhavratna Ratnakar

1) Sun and Moon combination makes Rajyyog.
(Logic – Sun is 5th house lord and Moon is 4th house lord so Sun Moon combination which is generally
considered bad here makes Rajyyog)
2) Venus is marak.
(Logic – Venus is 2nd and 7th lord so Venus is marak)
3) Jupiter and Saturn association doesn’t make Rajyyog.
(Logic – In general ways Jupiter and Saturn is 9th and 10th lord so its Rajyyog but Jupiter is also 12th
lord which is house of expense and Saturn is 11th lord house of profit so not good regarding materialistic
4) Jupiter may be Marak if occupy Capricorn.
(Logic – Jupiter is also 12th lord and in 10th house it may be debilitating.)
5) Aries Ascendant may have fear of disease regarding Skins speacily small pox and fears from weapons
and injuries.
6) Mars and Mercury combination may cause death by brain diseases during his dasa and bhukti.
7) 2nd house lord in 12th house is consider very auspicious only for Aries Ascendant.
(logic – 2nd lord Venus is excellent in 12th house for Aries Ascendant)
8) Mars and Venus combination can be both favorable and unfavourable.
(Logic – Because it is both Dhan yog and marak yog)
9) Mars when combination with Jupiter and Venus in 2nd house its become yogkarak. But in Gemini Sign it is not yogkarak.
(Logic – It is very good wealth yog)
10) Mars and Jupiter in Cancer sign makes a yogkarak combination.
(Logic – Rajyyog combination and Jupiter 9th lord is excellent in 4th and neech bhang rajyyog of Mars).
11) Mars in Leo sign is consider very auspicious during his dasa.
12) Jupiter in Aquarius Sign is not automatically gives good results during his dasa.
13) Mercury and Mars combination in Virgo may cause skin diseases, eruption and wounds.
14) Mars and Venus in Libra Sign then native may accumulate wealth through own self efforts.
15) Sun and Venus in scorpion in conjunction with Mars may gives some fame.
16) Mars , Sun and Jupiter in Sagittarius Sign and Saturn and Venus in Libra Sign then a special Rajyyog is formed.
17) Venus and Sun in lagan may be creating Rajyyog if not aspects by Jupiter.
18) Sun becomes yogkarak if aspects by Jupiter. But Venus aspects by Jupiter is not yogkarak.
19) Sun , Venus and Mercury combination in Aquarius Sign is consider very fortunate combination
regarding money because all 3 planet makes rich during his dasa.
20) when Sun in lagan and Moon in Cancer sign then native enjoying Rajyyog type situation.
21) Sun Jupiter and Venus combination in Capricorn Sign is helping native to enjoying dips in holy water just like Ganga.

Vridha Yavanjatak

The person born in Aries Ascendant he will be very angry in temper, he will be rich and experts in all types of arts. He will destroy his own relatives. He has weak intelligence and acts very sharply. He may know many types of mechanical works.


The person born in Aries Ascendant will be highly angry by nature. He will be interested in visiting
forigen place. He will be greedy by nature. He will be lean in physique. He has less happiness. He will be
jelious by nature. He has stammering in his speech.
He will be suffering from disease related to Pitta and Vata. He may be suffering from body heat or fever.
He is skillful in acts but timid in nature. His eyes is just like ram. He will be religious and fickle by
nature. He has not much intelligence. He destroy others wealth.
He will be Bhogi(materialistic) by nature. He has good name and fame. He has bad nails. He will be devoid from brothers and separation from father by father side.
He will be walk very quickly. His children may be lazy or having less intelligency. He has many sorts of
wealth.He will be virtuous in nature.
His wife may belong to base family and immoral in nature. She hates own relatives.He lost his happiness and accumulate wealth due to mean acts.

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