Taurus Ascendant According To Classical Book Of Astrology

The person who is born in Taurus Ascendant fatty and round thighs. He has big face. He will be interested in agriculture related acts. He will be getting happiness in middle part of his life. He will be
sensual or loves enjoyment. He will be liberal and full with forgiveness. He will be suffering from hardship or he has passion to suffering from sorrows. He will have cow and another animals. He has mark or mole in left side of his back.

Jatak  Parijat

The native who is born in Taurus Ascendant he will have many cows and other animals. He will be
workship dev, guru and brahman. He will have less children. He will be peaceful from mind or intelligencency. He will be interested in argument with knowledge or intrested in music or knowledge. He will be wandering or traveling by nature. He will be fortunate and sensual.


The person born in Taurus Ascendant will be brave. He has passion to suffering from sorrows. He will be happy(Suki). He will be destroy his enemies. He will have tendency to accumulate wealth from
childhood. He will has broad and strong fore head, nose, check and lips. He will be very hardworking
person. He will be fortunate. He will be devoty of father and such type of person. He will have good morality. He will be charitable and liberal. He will have many types of expenses and hot in temper. He will be suffering from kapha and Vata dosh. He will have more girl children. He will insulting his own relatives or men. He will be devoid from religions. He will be interested in women. He will be fickle minded. He will be fond of foods, drinks etc. He will be endowed with various kind of clothes, ornaments etc.


The person who is born as Taurus ascendant will be try to live happy just like hero because he has
able to bear toil and trouble. He will starting accumulating wealth from his youth age.
His cheeks, lips, forehead, and nose are fatty. He will causes many diseases or problems for his father and mother.
He looks handsome and his behavior is kind. His actions are full with excitement. He will creating
fears for his enemies. He has various expenses and many types of money. He will be suffering
from kapha and Vata related issues.
He will destroy his own people. He has not morality or his sister’s has no morality.
He will be very inclined towarads his wife. He will be greedy for food and drink. He will be handsome man with well and bright dress and ornaments.He will be secretly thinks for well wishes of his family, but who shows enemity to his own brothers and cruel behavior to his relatives.
He will be a hateful, ungrateful, fickle and lazy man. He will be full with confidence. He will enjoys  coarse foods. He will be a lord of servants. His wealth is increased by travelling on waters and engaging in the business of a merchant. He will be a man clever and rigid regarding action.
His mind is filled with misery, pain, and laziness. He will be a glorious man whose heart has turned to
firm deeds. He will have fear of death through quadrupeds, blows, arrows, weapons, nooses, or fevers or killed by his enemies.

Vridh Yavanjatakm

When a person is born under Taurus Ascendant then native is well in friendship. He will be full with
forgiveness. He will be interested in internment. He will be very good orator. He has best knowledge. He
will respected elders and society. He is brave. He will be head person or leader. He has desires of own children.

Bhav Ratan Ratnakar

1. Saturn doesn’t produce yogakaraka results if Saturn in Lagan.
Sun and Mercury also not produce Rajyog if they are in Lagan.
Logic – Saturn is yogkarak for Taurus Ascendant but in Lagan it is also in Bhadak lord placed in
Lagan. That’s why author may be suggested this.
Sun and Mercury is 4th and 5th house lord so its combination is making a famous Dharma karma
Adhipati Yog. But in Lagan Sun is placed in his enemy sign and natural malefic so it is not consider good regarding physical health and same time Mercury is also Marak lord due to 2nd house lordship. So I think that’s why author suggested that.
2. If either Mars and Jupiter combination in Capricorn sign or Rahu is in Aquarius, the native enjoy dips in holy rivers like the Ganga.
3. Moon is capable of producing a yoga when posited in Leo and aspected by either Jupiter or Mercury.
Note : Actually Moon is consider evil but when it is aspects by Jupiter then produce yog. Means Jupiter
is either placed in Sagittarius sign in 8th house or Jupiter in Aries sign in 12th house or placed in Aquarius  Sign in 10th house. I think this is due to specific placement of planet.
Mercury aspects Moon means Mercury in 1oth house in Aquarius Sign.
4. Mars in 7th house is consider beneficial.
Logic – 7th lord in 7th house and 12th house lord in 7th is consider good for some point of view regarding forigen travel etc.
If Sun and Jupiter are conjoined in Pisces sign, long life is indicated.
Logic :- Sun is 4th house lord and Jupiter is 8th house lord and 12th house lord. Actually Jupiter is 8th
house lord and placed in a upachay house in own sign so Jupiter and 8th house significant will be improving. Again 8th house lord with 4th house lord Sun which is friend of Jupiter. Again Sun is karak of vitality and it is very well placed so Native may be long lived.
5. Jupiter and Mercury association will causes dhana yoga.
Logic : Actually Jupiter is 11th lord and Mercury is 2nd lord . So it is Dhan yog. Here author indicating
ignoring 8th house lordship of Jupiter regarding money matters.
6. But above dhana yoga is destroyed if either planet is aspected by Mars.
Logic : because Mars is 12th house lord or house lord of expenses. So it’s joined above dhan yog then it is
nullified by lord of expenses.
7) If Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury is joining together or aspects each other then this combination is
consider yogkarak combination.
Logic : Because it is combination of 5th and 7th house lord and 11th lord so it is Rajyog and dhanyog.
Or There will be debts during Mercury’s dasa if there’s an association between Mars, Jupiter and Mercury.
Logic : Actually Mars has also 12th house lord ship and Jupiter has 8th house lord so during Mercury
dasha which is lord of wealth cause debits or financial problems because Mercury(2nd lord) is affiliated
by 12th lord and 8th lord.
8. Jupiter’s dasa will give mixed results.
Because Jupiter has lordship of 11th house (profit house) and 8th house (house of death). So I think during Jupiter dasha it may possible health is not good but financial condition may improve. Or updown
in financial position.
But Mars’s dasa will improving prosperity gives wealth.
Logic : Mars is 7th house lord so during dasha it’s improving daily professional condition.
If Mercury is in a quadrant or Kendra then during Mercury dasa Native may gets name, fame and
Logic : – Mercury is functional beneficial for Taurus Ascendant so when it is placed in Kendra then it is
definitely produce good results.
9. If Mercury and Venus are in lagna and Jupiter is in Scorpio, Mercury dasa will be fortunate.
Logic : Actually Venus and Mercury combination is creating Dhan yog and Rajyog. And Jupiter as 11th
lord and placed in 7th and aspecting 2nd and lagan lord.
10. If Mars and Venus are in lagna, and Jupiter is in Capricorn( in 9th house), both Mercury’s and Jupiter’s dasas will be fortunate.
Logic : Mars and Venus in Lagan is combination of Rajyog and Jupiter neech bhang due placement of
Mars. Again Jupiter and Venus in trine to each other. So good regarding materialistic prosperity.
11. If Saturn, Mercury and Mars are in Capricorn(in 9th house), and Rahu in Aquarius Sign(in 10th
house), the native enjoy dips in holy rivers like the Ganga during the dasas of Mars and Rahu.
12. If Moon and Venus are in Libra sign (6th house), with Jupiter and Mercury in Pisces(12th house),
Jupiter dasa will cause a dhana yoga.
Logic : Jupiter and Mercury making Neechbhang yog and Mercury is in Neech bhang. Again from Moon
lagan it is making Viparit Rajyog. So during Jupiter dasha will indicating dhan yog.
13. Lots of wealth are indicated in the Venus dasa and he is feeling Bhagyodya or become fortunate.
Logic : Venus is lagan lord and Upachay house lord and also lord of arth kona. So good regarding money
14. Moon in lagna isn’t consider very auspicious regarding money matters because it will afflict other dhana yogas present in the chart.
Logic : – Here author want to tell us even Moon in his excellent sign but not good. Because Moon is functional malefic for Taurus Ascendant. And it’s indicating very hard work regarding getting success.
15. The native becomes very fortunate if Moon is in the lagna of any sign other than Taurus.
(I don’t understand this because other sign in Lagan then Ascendant may be changed.)

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