Virgo Ascendant According To Classical Book 


The person born as Virgo Ascendant, his arms and shoulders(in general views his physical strength) is just like women(weak). He will live on others wealth and house. He will be honoured person like Sant (rightness people). He is inclinationed towards truthfull acts. He will be speaking politely. He has big eyes. He will be looking gorgeous. He will know the meaning of saastra( means knowledgeable or scholar). He has few children.

Jatak Parijat 

The person who born as Virgo Ascendant he will be skilful in his jobs. He will be honorable and good prosperity. He had good mentality. He is scholar or learned person. He will be intelligent. He is inclination towards sexual enjoyment and comfortablity. He is dear to his relatives. He is sattvic(means more inclination towards rightness acts) in nature.


The person born as Virgo Ascendant he will be sainty in nature. He will be skilful in education, music, dancing,singing, sastra or literature and architecture or fine arts. He will be speaking sweetly and politely. He will show good affection. He will be inclined towards donations and helping others. He will be interested in ladies. He will be full with goodness. He will be kind in nature. He will be enjoying others wealth. He will be bhogi(materialistic). He will be traveling different different countries. His nature is just like women. He will be polite in speaking. He will be liar in speaking. He will try to enhance his property(real estate). He will be fortunate. He is sensual. He will be getting good name and fame. He will be religious or rightness from action. He will be lok handsome. He has good habits. He is devoted to his guru or elders. His livehood will be belong to wicked acts. He will be inimical to his siblings. He has more girl children. He may be suffering from kapha and Vatta related dosh. He will be away from base and inimical people.


Virgo ascendant native is speaking softly and clearly. He is attached to kindness, helping others, and affection. He is liberal man. He is fond of music. He is clever in litigation, poetry, courtesy, and sweetness.

He is handsome in look and configuration. His nature has more women qualities. He is a proud man who enjoys wealth acquired by others. He is well in behavior. He will be wandering in foreign countries and having duel natures. He has few children.  He is cheater from inner heart. He has desires of name and fame.

He is romantic in nature. He has desires of strength, pleasing objects, and glory. He is a handsome and lucky pennon whose shoulders and sides droop. He is honest man with good righteousness (dharma). He is dear among the elders. He is a pure man but his family involving in hateful acts.
He is opposed by evil together with base men, but he is much praised by his nobly acting relatives. He is father of girls. He is afflicted by wind-diseases. He is angry over his hatred and vile enemies.
He will be excited among virtuous ladies. He makes an effort in many activities. He may be dies because of bile or Pittha diseases, fire, burning, fevers, thieves, or swords, or because of quadrupeds, or because of poisons.

Vridh Yavanjatakm 

Virgo Ascendant people are very interested towards gaining knowledge of science and sastra. He is greedy of welcoming guru. He has desires of sexual intercourse. He is honourable. He is endowed with good fortune and good qualities.

Bhavratna Ratnakar 
1.I f Sun is yuti with either Moon or Venus then this association will bring in lots of wealth during the Sun dasa.

Logic – Sun is 12th house lord but when it is with Venus(2nd and 9th lord) or Moon(11th house lord) then Sun dasha is good for wealth regarding matters.
2.But in above combination native loses wealth during the Venus dasa. Mixed results can be expected
during the Moon dasa.

Logic – Venus is affiliated by Sun which is its natural enemy and also 2nd and 9th house lord is affiliated by 12th house lord which is house for expenses.

But regarding Moon is Friend of Sun so he is not afflicted so much so producing mixed results like gain and expenses.
3. When Moon and Venus are in Pisces Sign(7th house) with Jupiter in Cancer(11th house) and Sun in Aries(8th house) during the Jupiter and Venus dasas, the native will have multiple wives, who will
all be alive.

Logic – Moon and Venus in 7th where Venus is excellent is indicating multiple relationship because Moon is 11th house lord and Venus is 2nd house lord. So it is indicating multiple marriage. Again 7th house  Jupiter is also excellent in 11th house which is also indicating a multiple marriage and sensual nature of native. Again 12th house lord is excellent in 8th house is indicating enough bed pleasure to native.

So overall combination in modern context is indicating native may have multiple relationship and very romantic in nature.

But as all planet is in good condition so death of wife is not indicating.

In above condition Virgo natives possess women of high rank.

Logic :- Very good condition of 7th house lord and karak Venus is indicating same.

4. A Jupiter-Venus combine in Sagittarius produces fortunes during their dasas and bhuktis.

Logic – logic is very simple it is a Rajyog making combination where Jupiter is 4th house lord and placed in 4th with 9th lord Venus.
5. If Saturn is in Cancer(11th house), its dasa will be fruitful.

Logic – Saturn is placed in Cancer in 11th house is good for money matters because 5th lord placed in profit house. Also 6th house lord is placed in own bhavat bhavam house. Again Saturn as a natural malefic is consider good in 11th house.

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