Impact Of Date Of Birth 6 Or Personality Number 6

Effect of Numerology on people born on 6th day of any calendar month

1) Any person born on 6th day of any calendar month or his date of birth is 6 then his Personality number will be 6. Number 6 belongs to Venus. So native may has huge influence of Venus quality.

2) Native may has handsome and attractive personality. He has natural magnetic attraction. He may be keep own self well mentioned. He may be fashionable and good sense of humour for colours.

3) Native may be social and friendly by nature. He may be faithful by nature. He may be peaceful by nature. He may be practical by nature. He may be good negotiator specially by own self.

4) Native may know his responsibility. He may be hurted by own criticism. He may be imaginative and full with many sort of planings. But he has lack of capacity to execute his plan.

5) Native may loves arts and music. He has good interested in dance and music. He may be charitable by nature.

6) Native may has sound financial condition. He may be interested in luxurious life styles. He may be fully materialistic by world.

7) Native may be sensual by nature. He may be jealous by nature. He has revenge taking attitude. When he loss his tempar then no one can control him. He may be easily comes under depression when his desires may be not full filled.

8) His lucky number will be 6. His another favorable number will be 5, 3 and 9. In vedic astrology Rahu is friends of Venus, so number 4 is keep as friends of Venus, but weston seems 4 has negative Sun so they doesn’t take 4. As per as my belive 5, 3 and 9 we have to choose as another favorable number. His best relationship number will be 3 and 9. His favorable day will be friday, tuesday and thursday.

9)His lucky stone will be diamond. Another lucky stone will be opal, zercon. Another favorable stone will be panna, firoza, white pukhraj. His lucky colour will be bright white. Another favorable colour will be blue, rose or pink shade of colour.

10) Number 6 may be getting success in food and hotel sector such as restaurant or food outlets. He may be getting success in architecture, fashion industry, designer, ornaments and clothes business. He may be getting success in flower or perfume business. He may getting success in dance or music related profession. He may be getting in success in finance or banking or money related business.

11) Number 6 may be suffering from diabetes. He may be suffering from diseases related to sexual organs. He may be suffering from disease related to anus or kidney stones. He may be suffering from throat. He may be suffering from lungs related issues. He may be suffering from blood infections.

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