Meaning Of Number 1

Meaning Of Number 1 or One

1) Number 1 is related to Sun. If any person born at date 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th of any month then his number will be 1.

2) Sun is actual source of energy, life and time. So Number 1 will be active by nature. Natural source of power. He always grow day by day. He will be dutiful for own self without any sort of restriction. He is natural source of all sorts of creation, even cause of beginning of any sort of new things. He will be always has positive ways because his negative ways means end of all things.

3) Sun is King. So number 1 has king quality. He never needs to show his power because where he stand power will be their. He may be independent by nature. He has leadership quality. He will be always centre of attraction. He may be ambitious and always try to mention his power. He will get victory over his enemies.

4) He may be royal like kind. He will be kind and helpful by nature. He may be full with self proudness. Negative side may be his ego. If any body hurt him then he will punished him. They never compromise with his self respect. He will get respect from others.

5) He may be famous and popular among public. He has big circle and friends. He has relationship with higher authority and centre of power. His friends and other will follow him, even unknown person can attract towards him. He may be always stand with own friends and supporter.

6) He may be always active. He may getting success in his life. He will rise in his profession and always try to become boss or head of his profession. He may be aimed towards his goal. He may be powerseeker. Even his boss give respect to him.

7) He may be strong on his decision. He has very clear cut about his decision and never roll back his decision. So we can say he doesn’t has any sort of confusion on his own action. Even outcomes may be positive or negative. So we can say that due to his nature his life may be full with up & down.

8) He has modern attitude. He never fix own self in any sort of boundaries. But he may be focused by nature.

9) He may be getting success in profession of doctor or medical line, administrative post or goverment related jobs, politics or head of any organisations, decision maker or planning of any work at higher level etc. He may be getting success in gold or jewellery business. He may be getting success in work related to fire. He may be success in food grain business.

10)Number 1 is related to Pitta dosha. If Sun is not well placed in chart then he may be suffer from fever, eye sight problem, brain or head related issues, heart related issues, bones related issues, dental issues.

11) His favorable date will be 1,10, 19, 28. His supportive number will be 2, 3, 9. His lucky day will be Sunday. His next fortunate day will be Monday. His supportive day will be Tuesday and thursday. His comfortable number for relationship will be 2,3,6,7,9.

12) His luccy stone will be Manik or Ruby. His another favorable stone will be yellow sapphire or topaz or yellow diamond or amber or other yellow stones. His luccy metal will be gold or copper. His lucky colour will be orange. His favorable colour will be yellow, off white and blood red.

13) Natural enemy of Sun is Saturn, Venus, Rahu and Ketu so number 8, 6, 4 and 7 may creating problem for Number 1.

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