Basic Meaning Of Numbers

Basic Meaning Of Numbers

1) 1st number is One or “1”. Number 1 belongs to Sun. So number 1 carry natural quality of Sun. As Sun is ultimate source of all things so number 1 is true source of energy or power. Means number 1 represent true power, king and kingdom, goverment and position with power. As Sun is king so number 1 never need to show his power, where he stand power will be their. Sun is karak of Aham or self proudness or soul or atma. So number 1 shows self proudness and independent nature. Number 1 is always point of attraction in any position.

2) 2nd number is Two or “2”. Number 2 belongs to Moon. So number 2 carry natural quality of Moon. Moon is 1st female planet in our Navgrah system. So, number 2 belongs to female quality. Moon is mother so number 2 will show caring nature. Number 2 shows emotional nature. Moon will show uncertainty, so number 2 will show uncertain behavior, up & down and fickle nature. Moon is karak of mind so number 2 may be very active from mind and show restless approach. His mind will be easily comes under influence of others. Number 2 results may be also undecidable. Number 2 shows lack of self confidence.

3) Number 3 belongs to Jupiter. So number 3 will carry natural quality of Jupiter. Jupiter is karaka of growth so number 3 will show growth in life. It is karak of wisdom so number 3 will show wisdom, good adviser, knowledge. 3 number shows ambitions, rise, dear to king and even advise king. 3 number has good understanding of politics and never comes under influence of any sort of politics around him because he knows the truth behind this. 3 number may be good philosopher.

4) Number 4 belongs to Rahu. In western astrology it is related to Uranus or negative side of Sun. Just like Rahu, number 4 will show multi dimensions. Number 4 stands for materialistic approach and prosperity. Number 4 stands for subconscious mind. Number 4 stand for violences of every laws and regulations and makes their own hypoticial laws. He will show the reality of words to others. Number 4 will cause for reforms. Number 4 will never a true friends for any one, but able to use others for own purpose. He will show fickle attitude but internally having huge passions. Number 4 may create confusion and wars between others. But own self never intengales in any wars.

5) Number 5 belongs to Mercury. So Number 5 has natural quality of Mercury. Mercury is karak of intelligence and cleverness. Number 5 may be show intelligence, cleverness, trics, etc. Number 5 is true ruler of numerology because 5 represent accounts and counting. Number 5 belongs to speaking ability and communicating ability. Number 5 belongs to how to gain power, how to execute any work, how to integrate any things. Number 5 is belongs to trading and business. Number 5 belongs to mental stress due to over thinking. Number 5 will be cloud of thoughts and ideas.

6) Number 6 belongs to Venus. So number 6 has Venus quality. Our current time is purely based on Venus. So this century has huge role of Number 6. Number 6 belongs to all sorts of happiness and comfort. Number 6 belongs to liquidity or cash flow of money. Number 6 has natural magnetic attractions. Number 6 attracts others just like honey attracts bee. Number 6 is related to relationship, sexual comfort, union, and a starting step forwards towards new generations. Number 6 has unique knowledge of both spirituality and materialistic world. Number 6 will show natural talents in music, dance and other entertainment matters.

7) Number 7 belongs to Ketu. In western astrology Number 7 related to Neptune or negative side of Moon. Ketu belongs to Moksha or liberation so number 7 is correlated with end of any work or finishing of any long run struggles. Number 7 will show the ultimate truth of any things. Number 7 will take extreme stress and deep concentration over any matters and try to find the exact root cause of any things. Number 7 has true philosopher nature. Number 7 has their own and unique idea.

8) Number 8 belongs to Saturn. So number 8 has natural quality of Saturn. Saturn is karaka of death so number 8 belongs to destructions, death, disease, health issues, separation, and other negative things. Number 8 represent dark side or dark energy. Number 8 represent loneliness. Number 8 represent Rudra devta. Number 8 belongs to struggle and hard work. Number 8 will always active for lower class people. Number 8 belongs to negative side of ego.

9) Number 9 belongs to Mars. So Number 9 has natural quality of Mars. Mars is karak of energy and action. So number 9 will always shows their power by his action. Number 9 will be natural fighter. Number 9 is natural leader and can command any sort of crowd. Number 9 may be true motivator. Number 9 may be adventurous and can attracts fighting, war and danger towards own self. Number 9 is belongs to Shakti and Sadhna. Number 9 is auspicious for getting victory.

10) Number 0 belongs to Param shakti or Anant. Zero always improve the value of number when placed behind any Number. So Zero can multiply the power of number. Zero is full with unlimited power.

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