Sixth House Lord In Seventh House

Effect Of 6th house lord in 7th house

1)Before knowing the effect of 6th house lord in 7th house, we have to know about Sixth house and Seventh house. As 6th house lord placed 2nd from own house, so you may read First house lord in 2nd house.

2)6th house belong to Mamaji and 7th house belong to wife. So when 6th house lord placed in 7th house then it may be possible wife may be belongs to maternal family or relationship. 7th house belong to foreign or far away place from birth place, so his mama may be lives in far away place. Native’s mamaji may be rich and wealthy.

3) 7th house is marak house and dusthana house lord (which is also house for disease) placed in 7th house, so marak effect or marak power of 7th house may be increasing. 7th house may be very powerful marak. So it may cause death of native ( due to aspects lagan so lagan in also involving in this combination). Or, native may be suffering from health related problems.

4) 7th house is belong to wife. When 6th house lord which is 12th lord from 7th house placed in 7th house then native’s wife may be suffering from health problems or his wife may has weak physique. Native may be suffering in his marriage life such as late marriage, separation, quarrel, thought differences, legal problems, etc depending on nature of planet and sign involving in this relationship. If 7th house is badly affiliated by 6th house lord then may death of wife may be possible. But if 6th house lord is well placed then evil effect may reduce. But some astrologer suggested in girl horoscope 6th lord in 7th house is considered very auspicious because it is indicating a fortunate husband. Logic behind this is ,because 8th house is Mangalya sthana for girl and 6th house is 11th from 8th house, so 6th house is profit or upachaya house for 8th house (regarding Mangalya sthana), so when 6th lord placed in husband house then it is consider good. His husband may has good lifespan and a good marriage relationship between both. Husband may gets good success in his life. Only when placement is very good.

5)6th house belongs to quarrel, dispute, and illegal activity and 7th house belongs to social image. When 6th house lord placed in 7th house than native may be assumed as false speaker, cheater, or having bad moral character. Native may has argumentative image in society.

6)7th house is belong to business partnership. When 6th house lord is affiliated in 7th house then native may getting fraud or cheating by his partners. Native may be facing legal problems in his partnerships business. Native may has loss in his business.

7)6th house belong to disease. When 6th house lord placed in 7th house then it may cause disease related to inner organs below navel. It may cause hormonal problems related to Sexual organs. When 8th house lord is involving in this relationship than native may be suffering from piles.

8)When 6th house lord in 7th house then native may has to force to leave his birthplace or home land. Native may be living in foreign place in bad condition for unnecessary or false cause.

9) When 6th house lord with 7th house lord in 7th house then it may be a strong marrak. Native and his wife may be suffering from health problems. Native may be facing trouble during traveling. Native may has to suffer from separation or legal problems with wife. There may be misunderstanding between both couples. Either native or his wife’s character may be suspected. Native may be doing any immoral work for money. In kalpurush chart 6th house lord is Mercury and 7th house lord is Venus and its combination (Venus and Mercury in 7th house) may be indicating native may has characterless regarding sexual matters means always ready to sleep with anybody if he get chance. But it is not necessary because a lots of other factors may change the results. So, I doesn’t advice any body to doubt in character of any native because 2nd house which belong to our Sanskar is most important things.

10)If you want to know about effect of planet in 7th house you may read Planet in 7th house.

6th house lord in 7th house according to classical book of Astrology

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra

When 6th house lord placed in 7th house than native will be devoid from happiness of wife. He may be very famous, virtuous, proudly, and brave. He may be wealthy.

Vriddha Yavanajataka

When 6th house lord in 7th house then native will be suffering from opposition by his wife. His wife may be cruel, hot in temper, argumentative. If 6th house lord is natural beneficial then his wife may be not able to give children either due to miscarriage or lack of pregnancy capacity.

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