Vyatipat And Effect Of Vyatipat In Different Houses 

Introduction Of Vyatipat

Vyatipat is another malefic upgrah. According to Phaldepika Vyatipat is related to Falling star. In which bhav Vyatipat placed that bhav significant may be suffering from fear related to wild animals. 

Method Of Computing Vyatipat 

  • 1) Vyatipat longitude = 360°(12 sign) – Dhoom longitude
  • Vyatipat longitude = 360 – (Sun + 4.13°20′ )
Let’s take a example chart 
  • First we have to find Dhoom 
  • Dhoom = 1.17°37’33” + 4.13°20′ = 5.30°57’33” = 6.0°57’33”
  • Now Vaytipata = 12.0°0″ – 6.0° 57′ 33″
  • = 11.29°59’60” – 6.0°57
  • = 5.29°02’27” 
  • So, Vaytipata in above chart is falls in Virgo sign 29°2’27”.

 Effect Of Vaytipata In Different Houses 

1)First House – When Vaytipata in lagan, native may be cruel and dangerous in nature who attacks just like wild animals. He may be fool having jealousy with his relatives. He may be suffering from sorrows in his life. 

2) Second House – When Vaytipata in 2nd house, Native may be very tricky in nature. He may be suffering from excess pitta or digestive problems due to Pitta. He may be not good from internal heart. He may be doing sinful acts. He doesn’t keep honor of others help. He may be bhogi type or who is more inclined towards materialistic happiness.

3)Third House – When Vaytipata in 3rd house, native has fixed intelligence. He may be fighter and expert in war skills. He may be charitable. He may be dear to King. He may be commander in chief. He may be wealthy. 

4) Fourth House – When Vaytipata in 4th house, native may be suffering from custody and disease. He may be devoid from happiness of children and fortune. 

5) Fifth House – When Vaytipata in 5th house, native may be suffering from poverty. He may be very handsome. But he may be suffering from Tridosh (Kaph, Pitta and Vatta). He may be shameless and cruel. 

6) Sixth House – When Vaytipata in 6th house, native will destroy his enemies. He may be strong from physique. He has good knowledge of all sorts of weapons. He may be skillful in all arts. He may be peaceful​ in nature. 

7) Seventh House – When Vaytipata in 7th house, native will be devoid from happiness of children, wife and wealth. He may be under control of women. He may be suffering from sorrows. He may be sensual and shameless. He may be dear to enemy of own people. 

8) Eight House – When Vaytipata in 8th house, native may has deform eyes and deform look. Native may be unfortunate. He may be criticizer of Brahman and scholar. He may be suffering from blood related issues. 

9)Ninth House – When Vaytipata in 9th house, native may be doing many types of profession. He has many friends. He has many sorts of knowledge. He may be dear to women. He may be sweet communicator.

10)Tenth House – When Vaytipata in 10th house, native may has good prosperity. He may be inclined towards rightness activities or religious activities. He has very expert in meaning of dharma. He may be very intelligent and knowledgeable. 

11) Eleventh House – When Vaytipata in 11th house, native will be very wealthy. He may be hounrable. He is truthfull and rigid in own actions. He has good happiness of fast vehicles. He may be inclined towards​ music. 

12) Twelfth House – When Vaytipata in 12th house, native may be angry in nature. He may has responsibility of many works. He may be deform body. He may be criticizer of dharma. He may has jealousy with own people.

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