Dhoom And Effect Of Dhoom In Different House

Dhoom and effect of Dhoom in different house

Introduction Of Dhoom

It is assumed that front of Comet star or Dhoomketu is Dhoom. According to Phaldipika, it’s look like Smoky objects.  According to Parasara ” Dhoom is Mahadosha who destroy all karma “. Means dhoom is very malefic object which destroy all acts of Native where he is placed. But further in chapter related to Upgrah, he tells many good things regarding placement of Dhoom. But one thing is very clear where it is placed, destroy at least one significant of that house. It is suggested Bhav occupied by Dhoom may be suffering from fire. 

Calculations of Dhoom

1) For obtaining Dhoom Position in horoscope just add 4.13°20′(here 4 is belong to 4 Sign means 120°) in Sun degree.

Let’s check example chart 

  • In this chart Sun is placed in Taurus Sign 17°37’33”. 
  • So we add 1.17°37’33” + 4.13°20′ 
  • So we obtaining 5. 30°57’33” 
  • So 30° = 1 sign 
  • So final out put is 6.0°57’33”. 
  • So Dhoom Position in Libra 0° 57’33”. It is in 4th house in above chart. 

Effect Of Dhoom in 12 houses 

1)1st house – When Dhoom in 1st house, Native will be brave. He may be polite from eyes. He may be rigid in nature and crooked in mentality. He may be cruel in behavior and having hot tamper. 

2) 2nd house – When Dhoom in 2nd house, native will be suffering from disease. He has deformed body limbs. He may be wealthy. He may be suffering from mental stress due to authority or king. He may be idiot. He may has lack of child productive capacity.

3)3rd house – When Dhoom in 3rd house, native will be brave and Wealthy. He may be liberal and having politeness in communication. He may be intelligent. 

4)4th house – When Dhoom in 4th house, native may be suffering from mental stress. He has not good happiness through marriage life regarding Sexual pleasure. He may be philosopher of all shastra. 

5)5th house – When Dhoom in 5th house, Native may be suffering regarding child birth. He may be suffering through wealth loss. He may be fond of eating. He may be very healthy from body limbs.  He has not good knowledge of mantra. He may be devoid from happiness of friends.

6) 6th house – When Dhoom in 6th house, Native may be destroyer of his enemies. He may be famous and having good qualities. He may be enjoying disease free life. 

7) 7th house – When Dhoom in 7th house, native may be very sensual. He may be expert in fishing others wife. He doesn’t has charm on face. He may be suffering from provety. 

8) 8th house – When Dhoom in 8th house, native will be cruel and only thing about own self. He doesn’t has braveness. He may be unnecessary excited in any work. He has always suffering for truth. He doesn’t dear to any body. 

9)9th house – Dhoom in 9th house is indicating, Native may has good happiness of Sons and fortune. He may be Wealthy, famous, charitable, religious and dear to all. He may has good honor and liberal by nature. 

10) 10th house – Dhoom in 10th house is indicating native has good happiness through children. He has good fortune. He has good satisfaction. He may be intelligent. He may be happy and truthful. 

11) 11th house – Dhoom in 11th house is indicating native may be wealthy and rich. He has good accumulation of gold and other jewelry. He has good foods for his live hood. He may be charming person. He has good knowledge of music and other arts.

12)12th house – When Dhoom in 12 the house, native may be wicked. He will do sinful acts. He may be inclined towards others women. He may be cruel and fraudulent. He may be drunker.

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