Parivesh Or Paridhi And Their Effect 

Parivesh Or Paridhi And Their Effect

Parivesh is another malefic upgrah. According to Phaldipika, Parivesh may cause fear related to water or give water related issues to the native. It will impact significant of house where he placed and specially issues related to water. 

Calculations Of Parivesh

  • Parivesh longitude = Vaytipat longitude + 180° (6 sign)
  • Actually Parivesh is Just opposite to Vaytipata.
Let’s take a example 

  • In above chart Vaytipat longitude is Virgo sign 29°02’27”. 
  • So Parivesh = 5. 29°02’27” + 6.0°0’0″  = 11.29°02’27” 
  • So Parivesh is placed in Pisces Sign 29°02’27”.
  • In our chart Parivesh in 9th house. 

Effect Of Parivesh In 12 Different Houses 

1)First House – When Parivesh in 1st house, Native will be scholar, truthful, peaceful, wealthy, blessed with children, charitable, pure from heart and dear to his elders and guru. 

2) Second House – When Parivesh in 2nd house, Native will be honorable like god, beautiful, having materialistic happiness, happy, inclined towards religious activities, and very powerful person. 

3) Third House – When Parivesh in 3rd house, Native will be dear to women, beautiful physique, relationship with best person. He may be service man and devoted to his elders and guru. 

4) Fourth House – When Parivesh in 4th house, Native may be confused person. He will be thinking auspicious for his enemies also.  He doesn’t has cruelty. He may be interested in music etc. 

5) Fifth House – When Parivesh in 5th house, Native may be wealthy, having good conduct, charming, sweet speaker, religious, and dear to women.

6) Sixth House – When Parivesh in 6th house, native will be religious, wealthy, blessed with son, inclined towards materialistic happiness. He will be getting victory over his enemies. 

7) Seventh House – When Parivesh in 7th house, Native will has few children. He will be devoid from happiness, having low intelligence, cruel in behavior. His wife may be suffering from disease.

8)Eight House – When Parivesh in 8th house, native may be thinker of spirituality. He may be peaceful from mind and steady in his speech. He has strong physique. He may be speaking about religion or rightness. He may be satvic person. 

9)Ninth House – When Parivesh in 9th house, native will be endowed with son. He may be happy, handsome, satisfied, rich, steady mind and having self proudness.

10)Tenth House – When Parivesh in 10th house, Native will has good knowledge of all sorts of arts and shastra. He may be enjoying materialistic happiness. He has strong physique. He has no jealousy. 

11) Eleventh House – When Parivesh in 11th house, Native will be enjoying sexual happiness. He may be virtuous and best mentalities. He will be dear to all. But it may cause low abdominal fire. 

12) Twelfth House – When Parivesh in 12th house, Native may be expensive. He may be suffering from sorrows. He will be wicked mentality. He may be criticizer of guru and elders.

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