Venus And Rahu Conjunction

Effect Of Venus And Rahu Conjunction

1) Venus and Rahu are assumed friends to each other so Venus and Rahu conjunction are consider good for both planet significant. But for native, it may gives some negative results.

2) Native may be sensual in nature. Native may be attracted towards woman. Native may has affairs.

3) Venus and Rahu conjunction may be consider good for money matters. Native may be wealthy. Native may has happiness of vehicles. Native may has happiness of flats or having house in multi stories building.

4) Native may has very high desires. He may be inclined towards luxurious life styles. He has desires of grand vehicles or lover of car. He loves long drive.

5)Native may be secretive in nature. He may has some hidden power. He may easily comes under influence of negative energy. Native may worship goddess Kali for getting some secretive power.

6)Native’s wife may be beautiful by looks but having not clam in nature. She may belongs to simple family background. She may be earning before marriage. She may be try to control his husband. Wife may has secretive nature.

7) In a female chart, native may be smart. She has good fame. She may be attractive. She may be bold in nature. She may has excess body heat due to hormonal imbalance.

8) Native may be earn via illegal ways. Native may has good knowledge of software.

9) Native may be suffering from gastric related issues. Native may be suffering from excess sensation.

10) Native’s grandfather may be rich and having luxurious life style.

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