Venus And Mercury Conjunction In Sixth House

Effect of Venus And Mercury Conjunction In 6th house

1) Before knowing the effect of Venus and Mercury conjunction in 6th house we have to know about Venus in 6th house, Mercury in 6th house and Venus and Mercury conjunction.

2)Native may be handsome and charming in look. He may has attractive personality. He may be clever and smart from nature. He may be very good in counselling. Native may be good communicator or good speaking ability.

3) Native may be sensual from nature. He may be naturally attract opposite gender. He may be flirty from nature. He may be inclined towards affairs and illegal relationship. He may be facing litigations due to ladies.

4) Native may has good logical strength. Native may be sharp minded. Native may be getting victory over his litigations. He can insults others via sweet ways. Native may be natural criticizer. He may be argumentative.

5) Native may be getting success in music, dance, poetry, acting, modelling etc. Native may be working in transport industries. He may getting success in financial sectors. Native may be expert in marketing. Native may be studied in financial sector.

6) Native may has issues in his marriage life. Native may has dispute with his wife. Some time may cause legal issues and separations due to affairs.

7)Native may be suffering from sexual disease. He may be suffering from hormonals problems. Native’s wife may has health problems.

8)Native may be money minded. Native may be suffering from financial crisis. He may expense his money on bad habits.

9) Native may be suffering from skin infection. He may be suffering from mental stress or anxiety. He may be suffering from neurological issues.

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