Moon And Venus Conjunction In Seventh House

Effect of Moon and Venus Conjunction in 7th house

1) Before knowing the effect of Moon and Venus conjunction in 7th house we have to know about Moon in 7th house, Venus in 7th house and Moon and Venus Conjunction.

2) Native may be handsome and attractive by look. He has fair colour and good physique. Native may has soft and pleasant nature.

3) Native may be money minded and luxurious inclination towards life. He has materialistic approach towards life. He may be comfort lover. He may has drinking habits.

4) Native’s wife may be wise and beautiful. She has royal nature and cool from mind. She may be faithful by nature. Her health may be not good. She may be suffering from cold and cough related issues. She may be suffering from hormonal problem or sexual problem.

5) Native may be flirty and sensual by nature. He has high sexual desires. He may be facing blaming through ladies. Native doesn’t has happy marriage life. Native may be inclined towards illegal relationship. Native has lack of domestic happiness. His wife and mother may has dispute. Native may has misunderstanding with his wife.

6)Native has good name and fame in society. Native may be jealous by nature. He may be not broad minded. Native may has many short journey and travelling.

7) Native may has awesome quality of negotiations. Native may has good business skills. Native may get good success in his profession. Native may has natural artistic talents. He may be successful in arts, music, dancing etc. He may has good knowledge of colour and fashions. He may be successful in cloths business or makeup or restaurant industry.

8) Native may be suffering from hormonal problem. He may be suffering from sexual disease. He may be suffering from water related disease.

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