Moon And Mars Conjunction In Eleventh House

Moon and Mars conjunction in 11th house

1)Before knowing the effect of Moon and Mars conjunction in 11th house we have to know about Moon in 11th house, Mars in 11th house and Moon and Mars conjunction.

2) Native may has charming personality. He has good physical attraction. He has good mental strength. He may be peaceful and jolly minded. He may be intelligent. He may be broad minded. He may be sharp minded. He may be wise and clever.

3) Native may be aggressive and having short temper. He may be brave and energetic by nature. He may be action oriented person. He may be angry person. He may expert in war tactics. He has many enemies. But he may be getting victory over his enemies. He may expert in speaking.

4) Native may be wealthy and rich. He may earn via multiple sources. He may kind, royal and good prosperity. He may get help of woman regarding earning. He may getting profit from foreign place. He may getting profit from real estate and agriculture or land.

5) Native may has good name and fame. He may has relationship with higher authority. He may be getting profit from authority or government. He may be getting award or promotions or higher post. He may be assumed as powerful person in society.

6) Native has all sort of materialistic happiness. He has happiness of home and vehicles. He will enjoying happiness of life and full fill all his desires. He may be getting unusual success.

7) Native has good friend circle. He has many friends. He has also many female friends. But his friendship may be unstable. He may be sensual by nature. He may be interested in woman.

8) Moon and Mars conjunction in 11th house is consider good for children. He has many children. Native may be head or karta of family.

9) Some negative effects may be, native may has harsh speech. He may has cruel mentality. If Moon and Mars is affiliated in chart then may cause for accidents. He may be suffering from blood pressure.

10) Native may be speculative minded. He may be getting profit from speculation. He may be involved in speculation of property and stock market.

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