Moolank V/s Bhagyank

Difference Between Moolank & Bhagyank

Moolank or Personality Number

  1. Moolank belongs to native inner self.
  2. Moolank has huge impact and more powerful up to 35 year of age.
  3. Moolank will give indication about our desires from this life. What are the our wishes from this life.
  4. Moolank will show our Ambitions.
  5. Moolank is free and doesn’t has any sort of restriction. It can give free thinking and our hope and desires.
  6. So, Moolank will cause source of power to achieve our Destiney.
  7. Moolank will co-related with psychological behavior.
  8. Moolank can be influence by change in his name, his education and society around him. We can influence moolank with our free will and change in habits.

Bhagyank or Destiny Number

  1. Bhagyank belongs to what is others thinks about native.
  2. Bhagyank will be more powerful after 35 year of age.
  3. Bhagyank will give indication about what we actually get in this life.
  4. Bhagyank will show what is our destiny.
  5. Bhagyank will work under boundaries of our past life deeds and show limitations of out comes.
  6. Bhagyank will shows what is our choice in this life. We can accelerate this by help of power of Moolank.
  7. Bhagyank will co-related with native’s morality.
  8. Destiney is basically fixed and hard to be changed. It can be chanced by pray from gods, mantra or yantra or gems stones or remedies of planet.

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